zach levi

Fans of the TV show Chuck were upset by the latest episode of the series. Star of the show, Zachary Levi took to twitter to get an idea of what the problem was.

So what’s all this hubbub I’m hearin about the last ep?

I estimate it took him only two minutes before he’d gotten 1,000 tweets of people trying to tell him why they were upset. His response was perfect:

Hmmm, I see. Question: did anyone think that Han would be stuck in carbonite forever at the end of Empire?

Since I haven’t actually seen all of the Star Wars movies, I had to do a tiny bit of research to figure out what he meant. But now that I do – ha! Levi for the win. And Ewoks too. Ewoks always win. They’re adorable. If children were more like Ewoks, I might be more inclined to like them.

rose mcgowan

MEANWHILE, you guys remember how I JUST watched Single White Female and saw someone murdered via a stiletto heel? Rose McGowan was on Twitter saying this:

Always wondered if it would work RT @weirdnews: Woman charged with stabbing man with stiletto heel

I tweeted back to her:

Ever wonder about getting squished in a garage door a la Tatum in Scream?

No response. But stay tuned. If Rose McGowan is able to get a cameo/flashback in Scream 4, I will die of the kind of extreme happiness you normally can only attain via baking something perfectly. Hopefully I have not angered McGowan in my question, because I bet she could put a stiletto through my eye easily.  I live in fear!