Happy Hump Day, couch potatoes! So what are you going to watch when you get home tonight (or set for your DVR to record so you can watch this weekend)?


Let us offer up what the ole tube has to offer for Wednesday. Here are the best bets for tonight:

♥ Best best bet— 8PM: Survivor Kaoh Rong, CBS. “It’s Merge Time.” The two tribes merge, which means alliances are shaken up. 11 remain, one will be voted out. Be sure to checkout Survivor Fandom for all of your Survivor coverage.

9PM: Empire, Fox. “Death Will Have His Day.” Season 2 returns as Lucious decides he will do everything he can to climb back to the top of his company, including facing off with Cookie. Elsewhere, the Lyon family faces a tragedy that means nothing will ever be the same.

9PM: Supernatural, CW. “Red Meat.” Dean and Sam go up against a pair of werewolves, that leaves one of the brothers wounded after a gunfight.