Will Vinny and Snook hook-up or not?

In the most recent episode of Jersey Shore, Vinny and Snooki got more than just a little chummy. Rather than any sleazy hook-up behavior, they went on a stroll down the boardwalk. Hell, Vinny even suggested they get ice cream. It was almost like a first date.

“If Nicole is breathing and Nicole is conscious, she’s probably talking about sex,” Vinny says. And it’s true. Before their “friend” date, Snooki was on the phone with Jionni, telling him she wanted sex. Jionni was annoyed by it. Vinny told the camera that the right guy for Snooki won’t try to change her. It seems like Vinny doesn’t think Jionni is the right match. But is Vinny the one?

Once the pair were on the board walk, Vinny wonders if they’re crossing any lines. But Snooki doesn’t care. She says that if it wasn’t for her current beau, Jionni, she’d hook up with Vinny in an instant. (Perhaps it’s not being able to get her so easily that makes her attractive to Vinny.)

“Me and Snooki are kind of like the Ross and Rachel of our Jersey Shore house. No one knows what’s going on between us, yet we sometimes end up in each other’s beds and stuff.” – Vinny

We like Vinny and Snooki because she makes him smile and laugh, and he tries to calm her down and stop being an alcoholic.

Do you guys want to see this couple hook up in season 5? And how cute is it that Vinny called them the “Ross and Rachel” of the Shore. Will they or won’t they? Find out on MTV next week.