Subtle Sexuality is something I’m more excited about than the release of that Michael Jackson movie. The first webisode in this series dropped TONIGHT at midnight on PST (3 a.m. if you’re on the East Coast). Have you seen it yet? I’ve got linkage for you! I just watched it and I (as predicted) LOVED it.

Watch: Subtle Sexuality! If these NBC codes don’t work for you then click on Subtle Sexuality to watch them on that site. I also have a youtube clip of the video down below.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 – the VIDEO


These new webisodes for The Office feature a “sexy original song” (that’s the best kind of song). The voices behind the song are Kelly, Ryan, Andy and Erin.  I have slowly come to find love in my heart for Erin, but it’s clear that she and the boys better move out of the way because KELLY is the real star! Please, I’d like to see Andy TRY to steal the show. Ha! Male Prima donna is the song of the year and the video is priceless, better than Paxil. Here’s what NBC has to tell us:kelly-and-ryan

“Starring Mindy Kaling, Ed Helms, B.J. Novak, and Ellie Kemper, “Subtle Sexuality” melds the webisode format with a music video. Kelly (Kaling) sets out to realize her celebrity dreams – and stick it to her on-again, off-again boyfriend Ryan (Novak) – by starting a girl group and making a video.

kelly-and-erinIs Kelly the new Beyonce? Will Ryan get his comeuppance? Can Andy (Helms) finally find an audience for his acapella skills?”

Mindy Kaling, who directed this first webisode, tweeted tonight about Subtle Sexuality (and since I stalk her Twitter like the holy grail, I have it handy): At midnight my webisodes drop at! Dancing, rapping, auto-tuned Edward Helms. #SubtleSexuality


I’ll be talking to Mindy Kaling next week, what do you want to know from her? (Besides why she’s so awesome since I’m going to have her tell me that in Haiku form.)

photo credit: NBC Universal/Chris Hasting