Well, guess who got tears all over their Funyuns they were eating? I can’t accept Bill not accepting the cure. Told you it was for some dumb reason. I don’t like when people assume they know what’s best for someone else, better than the person herself. Ugh, okay, even I can understand it doesn’t mean I have to like it!

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True Blood season 7, Photo: HBO

True Blood Season 7, Episode 9 ­ “Love is to Die” Review

But why did Jessica want to be released? Jeeze, right in the feels! Seems like she just wanted to stick it to him. I know she was angry but wouldn’t you want to be able to cherish that bond with your Maker for as long as you could? Oh but Pam consoling her was the best! So sweet yet still snarky.

The whole Sam thing makes me ragey. Like, for real, vision goes red, buzzing in my ears, Hulk smash, RAGE! I loathe Nicole with the fire of a thousand suns and I cannot believe she won. The idea of the two of them together is still so insulting to every fiber of my being. Luna wasn’t even dead a week when Sam slept with her! And then boom! baby. And oh but they love each other! Blech! I can’t even tell you what I had hoped would happen to Nicole in the dungeon of Fangtasia because I’m pretty sure it’d be grounds for me being kicked off the planet. How dare Sam just leave without telling anyone, especially Sookie. Coward! I know he and Sookie hadn’t exactly been close in a while but sometimes you just put all the crap from the past behind you because the friendship you had was worth more! I’m a Bill/Sookie fan times a gazillion but Sam was always the only other guy I was okay with if they ended up together. But no, he has to knock up some stranger (they barely knew each other’s names!) who’s barely half his age and then let her bully him into leaving the only place he’s ever called home and the only people he’s ever really thought of as family. So she was pregnant, big deal, they could have shared custody! Here’s hoping they wreck on the way out of town and Nicole doesn’t make it. . . .

Now I don’t feel better, but let’s move on. My heart breaks for Bridgette. She seems like such a good, kind person and to have all that happen to her so fast? But I’m a die­hard Hoyt and Jessica ‘shipper and I cheered when they, er, got together. And I think Bridgette will be okay with Jason. They’re already cute together and she’s definitely not like all the other girls he’s had before.

Truthfully I always, always hoped that Jason and Tara would eventually get together but I guess that’s not going to happen! He and Bridgette can settle down, get married, and have babies. Maybe Andy will become mayor and Jason will be sheriff and together they’ll restore peace to Bon Temps!

It was nice to see Willa and Keith again, if only briefly. I really like both of them, it’s too bad we won’t know them longer.

But one of the absolute best scenes in the entire history of this show was Ginger finally getting Eric! Oh man, I cheered, I grinned, I laughed, I may have even teared up! Ginger deserves happiness and I am SO very glad she finally got it! And on the throne! With Mazzy Star in the background! Swoon! I only wish he had kissed her!

I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen next week and I’m worried. It’s the last, there’ll be no more show. No one is safe. Not Bill, not Eric. It may sound a bit melodramatic but I’m pretty scared. I know I complain but I love this show and the characters (except Nicole) and if it has to end I just want them all happy and safe. Please, please let me get what I want.

Written by Brittany Feazell