This is not going to be a long column, which is sad, since it’s the last I’ll ever write about True Blood for Small Screen Scoop. It won’t be long because there’s just not much to say. So let me start with thanking you guys for reading my, often times nonsensical, always impassioned ramblings. Thank you Small Screen Scoop, it’s very much been my pleasure.

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True Blood season 7, Photo: HBO

True Blood Season 7, Episode 9 ­ “Love is to Die” Review

While there were things I was pleased with (Jessica and Hoyt getting married; Jason and Bridgette having a family; Eric and Pam together owning New Blood (and seriously, seeing Eric on his throne in Fangtasia was awesome!)) it’s all overshadowed by the death of my dear, my darling, Mr. Bill Compton. Everyone got a happy ending but him. HBO couldn’t even bother to give us a little happiness by at least showing Bill meeting up with Caroline and his children amidst lots of glowing sunlight? Thanks a lot.

Bill was truly the most tortured character on the show. He wanted to be good so badly but his vampire nature wouldn’t let him and so often he ended up doing the exact opposite of what someone with humanity would do. He struggled with doing what was right and what came natural to him as a vampire. He messed up, he got hurt, he had regrets and remorse, he learned lessons, and he felt pain. And that is the very definition of humanity.

I’ve never been shy when it comes to saying just what I didn’t like about the show (seriously Nicole, oh my God, WHY?!) but the truth is, I loved this show way, way more than was healthy.

I’m going to get a little personal for a minute. I was going through something extremely difficult when True Blood came into my life and it honestly made things better. It not only entertained me, it gave me something to look forward to, to occupy my time, to laugh about, to ogle over. I could drift away to Bon Temps and forget my world for a while. And the funny thing is, while my situation greatly improved, it really hasn’t been until now, literally these last few weeks, that things have really cleared up and I’m at an awesome place in life. Right when True Blood is leaving me.

Maybe I don’t need it anymore.

But I certainly still want it. So thank you HBO. Even though I’m still so angry at Bill’s death that I could punch through a wall. Thank you Alan Ball and Brian Buckner, thank you Charlaine Harris, and thank you to the unbelievable cast (and crew!), especially Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer who made me love and root my heart out for a telepathic waitress and a southern gentleman vampire.

Maybe this ended up being a little longer than I thought!

But before I go I will say this, never was there a more appropriate song for a show:

“I don’t know what you’ve done to me/But I know this much is true/I wanna do bad things with you.”

Thank you.

Written by Brittany Feazell