This season of True Blood is almost gone, gone, gone, and at this point I really haven’t figured out where exactly it’s going. ::sound of gong:: Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

deborah ann woll

But seriously though WHAT is going on?? Bill really has lost it? Hoyt is leaving town for good? Somebody made Mike Spencer a vampire? And what the heck was Pam wearing??

I think we’ve known all along that Russell hasn’t really been into this Lilith stuff. He’s basically just been waiting to show his true colors but why though? After killing Roman why not just go and do his own thing? Why even pretend to be following Lilith? I think it’s safe to say Eric is also faking which I suppose he can do since his original revelation the first time he tasted Lilith’s blood. But Bill would have seen that Eric and Nora didn’t really see Lilith—she wasn’t really there. So shouldn’t that make Bill realize that she (Lilith) is just a hallucination? And now that Nora has seen that Lilith can be evil, shouldn’t she snap out of it too? I just hope these questions are answered and we’re not left with a cliffhanger like last season!

deborah ann woll

There must have been some dust or pollen floating around my house last night because during Hoyt’s scene with Jessica and Jason my eyes started watering. Weird! While I haven’t liked mopey Hoyt, I still like him and I don’t want him to run off to Alaska. (Can you imagine moving from Louisiana to Alaska?? He’ll have to buy a whole new wardrobe!) I guess I can understand why he wanted the pain glamoured away but what about all the happy memories? What about his memories of Jason growing up and before Jessica? How can he just give up all that? And if he suddenly doesn’t know Jason and Jess wouldn’t that affect a lot of his other memories? What about the year he was happy and in love with Jess? (Was it a year? Honestly I don’t know what the timeframe is in this show. Hasn’t it been October for like, two seasons or something?) I just thought this whole scene was sad. And is Jim Parrack leaving the show? I don’t like to be spoiled so I obviously don’t read spoilers!

deborah ann woll

The idea of Steve Newlin keeping Emma as a pet weirds me out. Doesn’t he realize that she can’t stay in wolf-puppy form all the time? I know she was taken to prove a point and all but wouldn’t it have been better off for Steve to get a real dog? Although then we wouldn’t get to see Sam and Luna scurrying around as mice.

I may be the only person sad to see Elijah go but there was just something about that vamp that I liked! Okay, it’s not like he was really around long enough to form much of an opinion about him but . . . I did anyway and the opinion was that I thought he could be a funny foe for Pam. I wanted them to run the club together! But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I just hope Tara doesn’t get into serious trouble for killing the sheriff.

But I guess the biggest shock of this week was Sookie being promised to Warlow, whomever he might turn out to be, by her very family. I guess this is going to be the center plot of next season. I think it’ll be interesting if Warlow is a vampire but the fairy subplots just don’t do it for me so I can’t get too excited about this. Don’t even get me started on that freaking dance club.

With only two episodes left any predictions on how the end of the season is going to play out??

Written by Brittany Feazell

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