Just like every other (insane, obsessed) fangirl fan of True Blood I was super-duper excited for the season 5 premiere. And while things could have been better – I can’t have been the only one expecting Alcide (Joe Manganiello) to show up in half a fireman’s uniform and start dancing provocatively –  I wasn’t disappointed.

I guess the big issue here is Tara (Rutina Wesley.)  And the fact that she is now a member of the undead.  I’m not entirely pleased with this and I can’t help but think she won’t be either.  I know it seems like the best choice–vampirism over being dead, and trust me, you will not find a bigger fan of vampires than me–but not everyone is going to want that lifestyle (deathstyle?).  I can’t imagine making that choice for someone.  But then again maybe Tara, an already tough chick, will take to it like flies to honey.  Judging from the previews for next week she’s certainly strong.  I’m just hoping she’ll embrace her new self in a good way and not be all whiney and weepy.  I didn’t really want Tara to become a vampire but with Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) as her Maker it will certainly be interesting!

I suppose I did get my wish of seeing Bill (Stephen Moyer) acting the bad-ass, what with helping to blow up the gas tank in a speeding car while being carted away by The Authority.  But other than a quick phone call to Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), there wasn’t a lot of action with him.  I will point out however, that he wanted to help Sookie (Anna Paquin) when he felt her fear over Debbie (Brit Morgan) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) didn’t care!  That’s what I call a win-win people.  Because not only was Eric showing his old bad self he was also basically giving his middle finger to his relationship with Sookie and for a Bill/Sookie fan like me, that’s a good thing!

Speaking of Eric, who knew he had a sister?  I may already love Nora (Lucy Griffiths).  We’ve never really seen a vampiric brother/sister relationship explored before and I think it’ll be fun to watch play out.  I’m really hoping we’ll get plenty of good, not to mention steamy, flashbacks.  As with Bill, there wasn’t tons of Eric in this episode and I didn’t like that.  I know the more characters and subplots you have, the less screen time each person gets but still.  Want.  More.  Vampires.

Maybe I’ll have to settle for shifters and werewolves though.  Is it just me or is practically every werewolf in the state of Louisiana extremely cranky?  And lacking modesty?  Seriously, it doesn’t matter the situation or who they’re with apparently anyone who can turn into an animal has no problem stripping right down to nothing and cavorting around in the nude.  How does that work?  Do they learn to not care or is it something they’re born with?  And are you just out of luck if you happen to be a little more reserved?

Now for what made me frown:

    • Sookie being of sound mind when she killed Debbie.  I was hoping for a little remorse or a slight tear or something.
    • Jessica basically blowing off Jason (Ryan Kwanten).  (And where the hell did all those college kids come from??)  If Hoyt (Jim Parrack) isn’t going to forgive them they might as well be together.  At least she looked displeased when Jason left with the random sorority girl.
    • Terry (Todd Lowe) going nusto on Noel.  Er, I mean Patrick (Scott Foley.)  (What can I say, I loved Felicity!)  I want Terry to be happy and sane, not freaking out over a possible Iraqi Fire Curse.  Or whatever it turns out to be.  And hey, what about that ghost nanny from last season?  I guess we’ll have to watch and see!

I can’t wait to get deeper into this season (well, hello there Christopher Meloni!) and whatever happens, I think we can all probably agree that bad True Blood is still better than no True Blood!

Written by Brittany Feazell