True Blood “Let’s Boot and Rally” review inside!

Due to an unforeseen cable situation two weeks ago and then a seemingly out-of-nowhere insane storm that knocked my power out for almost nine days, I sadly missed the past two weeks of True Blood and thus was unable to rant about it to all you lovelies out there. But I’m all caught up now and ready to roll!

Finally the show is picking up some pace but it still seems like we have 10,000 story lines going on all at once; Tara being a vampire; Bill and Eric VS The Authority VS Russell Edgington; Lafayette’s evil witch side; Terry and Patrick being haunted and hunted by a fire demon; the secret fairy world and on and on.

So let’s take it one at a time.

I think Tara and Pam have each other matched in the permanently crabby department, so I want to see them get along! They should be sarcastic, foul-mouthed, tough acting pals. I was thrilled when Jessica struck up a convo with Tara—they have a lot in common now and it makes sense for them to be friends. I could see them going out partying together, flirting with their dinner, sharing Maker stories, and let’s be honest here, Tara needs a friend. But oh, then Hoyt showed. . . . I understand Jessica feeling possessive but she was the one who broke up with him. And hey, a girl’s gotta eat! Fight scenes between vampires are always cool, but I hope they make up and become BFFs. Literally!

Speaking of Hoyt I personally like his new look. I’d bite him too.

I was hoping we’d find out who freed Russell Edgington this week but no such luck. Although now we know it was a woman, so is it just me or are we supposed to assume Salome is the culprit? Even though that makes no sense to me at all. Is she a red-herring? Am I missing something? Who else could it be? And also, why did the woman let that guy who works for Alcide live? I guess my main question is how are Bill and Eric going to get their vest thingies off before dawn?

I straight up hate what’s going on with Lafayette. He’s been so down and dark lately, just not his old self. Yeah okay, a lot has been going on what with Jesus dying and Tara being made a vamp and all, but I’m just not into it. Not into the evil brujo side of him at all. I want the wise-cracking, sassy, sarcastic dude back from the first season. He doesn’t need to be a supernatural something or other, he was just fine the way he was before.

For some reason I can’t muster up a care for Terry and Patrick and their ifrit problem. Maybe because part of me thinks they deserve it? Sure, we all make mistakes, but getting high, on what I’m assuming was hallucinogens, and murdering a bunch of civilians does not qualify in my book. For that you get a curse put on you. No, I don’t want Terry to die but he needs to make amends somehow, someway. Now if we’re going along with the traditional mythology of ifrits (which I’ve read up on and totally suspected these or other jinn would come into play here) then they have to fight it with magic. So maybe Lafayette learns to control the brujo in him and saves the day! Or whatever. Like I said, I’m not that into it.

As for our fairy world story line, I’m intrigued, but also somewhat annoyed. I mean basically they run private sex clubs for humans? Who knew! But what about the evil ones from last season? And were both Jason and Sookie’s parents fairies or half-fairy? But if they both were wouldn’t Jason be part fairy too? And if they weren’t fae, why would vampires have killed them like Hadley said? I guess we’ll see.

I think if I were Sookie I’d get drunk a lot more. Yes, I’m fairly certain I’d be an alcoholic at this point if I had to deal with all she’s dealt with. But then she’s also been wooed by Bill, Eric, and now Alcide so there certainly are perks to being Miss. Stackhouse. And she’s so relatable. I mean who among us hasn’t gotten wasted because of guilt over making your best friend into a vampire, then made out with and threw up on a werewolf’s shoes? Typical weekday for me really. That’s why I love Sook no matter what.

Out of this whole episode, one thing is for certain; it’s about time Alcide took off his shirt!

Written by Brittany Feazell

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