Can’t be patient and wait until The Walking Dead season 3 starts? Well, that kind of feeling could get you killed on the show, but here, it’s acceptable. Along with spoilers, how about you read something else? Something…downright traditional.

Smart Pop Books has released a book all about The Walking Dead, AMC’s hit zombie series. The book is titled, “Triumph of The Walking Dead” and it was edited by James Lowder (editor and award-winning author) with a forward by Joe. R. Lansdale. I had a chance to take a look at this book, and I was impressed with the content.

I don’t need to tell you how amazing The Walking Dead is on a weekly basis (or that I review it.) So let’s get right to the book. The chapters are smartly-written and the topics are all interesting. Plus, plenty of the topics discussed are things fans are already debating all the time in looser form (and not quite so much detail.)

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I find that the topics on The Walking Dead are very much worth exploring and ideas in this book about an  apocalypse, objectivist heroes, and gender roles apply to more than just this TV show. It’ll getcha thinkin’. (And these are issues that won’t stop when The Walking Dead season 3 begins.)

Here are my favorite chapters:

  • A Novelist and a Zombie Walk into a Bar: Translating The Walking Dead to prose (I really love the title.)
  • No Clean Slate: Unshakable race and gender politics in The Walking Dead (Sexism ahoy!)
  • Postmodern Merlin: Edwin Jenner as the enchanter in the cave (A universal archetype.)
  • A Zombie Among Men: Rick Grimes and the Lessons of Undeadness (Best opener, ever! Wish I could share it.Hint: Humans are whiners.)
  • “For Love is Strong as Death”: Redeeming values in The Walking Dead

Be advised, there are The Walking Dead season 3 spoilers in this book.

Triumph of The Walking Dead – Edited by James Lowder, Foreword by Joe R. Lansdale – All purchasing info from this link to Smart Pop Books

Disclosure: Book provided for review. Honest opinions only.

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