The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or The Big Bang Theory? Which show do most nerds agree is their favorite pick?

The King of the Nerds (TBS) cast have selected their favorite TV shows, and the same titles were repeated over and over again. This got me thinking, why not use this data in some super fabulous and informative way? Sure, it’s only 11 contestants, but we thought it’d be a fun way to which where geek TV shows were popular in a pretty random group of official nerds.

Star Trek took top honors, followed by Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory. The Walking Dead, Jeopardy and Battlestar Galactica also proved popular.

And there were several mentions of shows we’ve hardly heard of – like Gaki No Tsukai and Ninja Warrior.

One contestant even earned special points from us for mentioning Trailer Park Boys.

Whether you’re a geek, nerd, jock, diva or wallflower – we all seem to love childhood classics like Boy Meets World. The new reboot is gonna be popular, huh? (Corey and Topanga 4 EVA.)

game of thrones

Surprisingly, none of these shows were mentioned anywhere in the survey’s: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Angel the Series was mentioned by way of a character), Chuck, Veronica Mars, The Soup, Community, Supernatural, Leverage, Firefly, Dollhouse, Bob’s Burgers.

Because this was such a small group, we encourage you to comment with the name of your top TWO TV shows if you consider yourself any sort of nerd or geek. If we get enough responses we will create a new poll right here on Small Screen Scoop.

TV Show Name – # of Mentions

Star Trek – IIIIIIII
Game of Thrones – IIIII
The Big Bang Theory – III
Jeopardy – III
The Walking Dead – II
Battlestar Galactica – II
The Daily Show – II
Once Upon a Time – I
Wheel of Fortune – I
Stargate – I
Deadwood – I
Family Guy – I
The Cleveland Show – I
Big Brother – I
True Blood – I
Pyramid – I
Gaki No Tsukai – I
Batman: The Animated Series – I
WCG Ultimate Gamer – I
Scrubs – I
Boy Meets World – I
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – I
Ninja Warrior – I
Trailer Park Boys – I

Notes: These are from the official TBS contestant questionnaire answers. Prompts were giving about favorite shows, and favorite game shows.

The King of the Nerds cast: Alana Smith-Brown, Brandon Moore, Celeste Anderson, Danielle Mackey, Genevieve Pearson, Hendrik, Ivan Van Norman, Jon Paprocki, Joshua Ovenshire, Moogega Cooper and Virgil Griffith.

Photo Credit: HBO