We began with melancholy. The dead eyes of a human spirit trapped in the blah blah blah. Some (familiar) guy who’s ready to give up. And a suitably perfect depressing song. But he did manage to make a really cool fort…though I’d never trust it because I’m pretty sure walkers should be able to push through wooden sticks… (but when it was just one, it couldn’t.)

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Lawrence Gillard Jr plays Bob on ‘The Walking Dead.’ Photo: Gene Page for AMC

The Walking Dead Recap “Alone”

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We got a particularly great shot of the man starfished out on top of a truck that was covered in dead leaves.

Eventually, we see Daryl and Glen pull up. And, wtf. What? How are they together?

We see realize that it’s a flashback. The three questions are asked.

Sasha, Maggie, Bob

Sasha, Maggie and Bob are in the fog, with their backs to each other (always a smart way, truly) and fighting off incoming walkers. In the process, it seems like Bob was bit. But he says, “it’s okay, he got me right on the bandage.” Sasha and him have a flirty, joyful hug. (And I was left wondering if he was lying about being bit.)

Our trio only has 6 bullets left. Maggie’s compass is broken. (Just like her heart, wah.) As they continued to walk, they see the sign for Terminus. (It seems like this sign would have been a great place to have left a note for other people from the prison. Even in rocks. Anywhere. Any kind of note.)

“We’re not splitting up. That can’t happen.” – Bob

Sasha talks to Bob, saying they need to stop looking for Glenn. She wants to find a building to stay in for a while. And she’s ready to play leader. But Maggie’s not one to be swayed that easily.

Maggie leaves a note in the dirt, saying she’s left. Bob wants to catch up to her, but Sasha don’t wanna. Grumpily, she packs up the blanket and plastic sheeting that they sleep in…

Finally, being smart, Maggie decides she’ll put a note near the Terminus sign. But a walker approaches her. Maggie freezes, and then goes to town  on the thing. She slices the walker open and uses the blood as her ink. Which is smart, really. (And gross, REALLY.)

“Do you even know why you’re smiling?” – Sasha

“Yea. Because I’m not alone.” – Bob

Bob shared a theory with Sasha. It was that she thought Tyreese was dead, and if she went to Terminus and he wasn’t there, she’d have to think that.

A kiss is shared on the railway tracks.

Sasha went up to a building to cry and STUFF. Out of the window she saw an ice cream truck.  (Cute.) With walkers on it. (Less cute. Decidedly less cute.) The window she’d been looking at fells out, and MAGGIE sats straight up. She had been playing dead, maybe. And then walkers were after her, of course.

Sasha ran to help, and with her pole and Maggie’s street sign pole, the two kick some butt. The pair swiveled their backs and looked like Buffy and Faith on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’!

Maggie confessed that she’d heard Sasha say she wanted to go to town, and that odds were that Glenn was dead.

“So why are you here?” – Sasha

“Cause I was waiting for you. …I’m not giving up, but I need your help. Cause I can’t do it by myself. …I thought I couldn’t ask you to risk your life, but I can. because I know what you’d be risking it for.” – Maggie


“So, let’s go get Bob. And let’s get there.” – Sasha (THAT IS THE NEW MOTIVATIONAL PHRASE FOR US ALL.)

A happy tune played (like the ‘Firefly’ theme) as our two girls find their Bob, out there on the tracks. He’s alone no more. And they’ve got renewed determination.

Beth and Daryl

Beth was learning to track and to use the crossbow. “I’m getting good at this. Pretty soon I won’t need you at all,” she tells Daryl.

His reply? “Yea. Keep on trackin’.” He waves it off, and you can tell he’s way more fond of her than he’d been before. Just as she’s going to shoot a walker, her foot (luckily in a thick cowboy boot) gets caught by some animal trap. Still, she has to limp. (Daryl and Beth have physical contact. All the shippers rejoice.) And then, he gives her a piggyback ride.

“Are you serious?” – Beth

“Yea, it’s a serious piggy back ride. Hop up.” – Daryl

Then, another great quote

“There’s still good people, Daryl.” – Beth

“I don’t think the good ones survived.” – Daryl

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They’ve arrived at a cemetery. One of the gravestones says “beloved Dad” and Beth stands still. Daryl puts some flowers forth, and holds her hand in a show of support he couldn’t manage a few episodes again.

A house is found. But upon observing how clean it is, Daryl decides that somoene’s been “tending” to it. And then they see that they’re in a funeral parlor. A dead body lays out. Daryl runs his hand on the skin. It’s decomposing and comes off like…like frosting.

Someone has been trying to give funerals for the walkers, putting them in suits. And Beth finds it beautiful. That’s her innocent heart at work. (And I won’t call it naive, just surprising.)

The pantry of the house has Diet Soda, Pig’s Feet (“that’s a white trash brunch, right there”) and peanut butter and  jelly. And without any dust, it seems like it’s someone’s stash.

Daryl eats out of the jars, but agrees they will leave some food for whomever’s stash it might be.

“We’re laying alone. And we’ll be good.” – Beth, singing on the piano

Daryl decides to be a nut and lay in the coffin, calling it the comfiest bed he’s had in years. After encouraging Beth to keep singing, Daryl watches her in the candlelight in a way that you know means ROMANCE ON THE HORIZON.

We opened on a scene with Daryl carrying Beth in his arms like she’s a Disney princess. (I KIND OF LOVED IT.)

They heard a noise, and it was a dog. Poor thing! Omg. Save the dog. It’s hungry. Put food out for it!

Because Beth is truly a Disney princess, she wanted to write a thank-you note before they leave. Yet, Daryl had a new idea…that they could stay there for a bit. Play house with Beth.

“So you do think there are still good people around. What changed your mind?” – Beth

“You know.” – Daryl

“What?” – Beth

The moment gets lost as a pile of a dozen walkers is at the door. (Highly suspicious, why would they line up like that? Just because of noise?) And Daryl gets backed into one of the funeral rooms down in the basement. And it doesn’t’ look good for him. But he’s Daryl, so he gets out of there. He runs to the street for Beth, and finds her backpack in the street, and a car driving away. A KIDNAPPING?! (P.s. Daryl has never ben sexier than in that moment. For realsies.)

A lot of super sad things happen on ‘The Walking Dead.’ But my heart broke to see Daryl sweating and weary, running after a car that got away a long time ago. He’s now not just lost someone, he’s lost the only person he had left. He’s at the crossroads, and he doesn’t know which way to go. (Literally, he lies down in a crossroad.)

After some time, a group of about six armed men surround Daryl. One of them wants his vest. Only, Daryl’s crossbow has impressed their leader. With the phrase, “why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people,” we learned that Joe is a bad person. (I guess maybe all the guns MEAN TALKING of robbery and also told us that.)

The end

GLENN SEES THE TERMINUS SIGN. But where is Beth? Who took Beth? WHY.

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