Christina backed up Adam, we got some musical medicine, plus – a brunette Taylor Swift.

Nathalie Hernandez The Voice Season 3 – Young, with a good head on her shoulders and a cute braid in her hair… this girl sang “White Horse” (Taylor Swift) and immediately Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton hit their buttons! A tiny bit later, Adam was in the game! I do think a coach will help her work on bringing more power to her amazing voice. Blake said when you sing you’re selling a story, and this fifteen-year-old did just that. Aguilera said, “you seem like a storyteller.” TEAM XTINA! Blake said, “That’s it. That’s it. You have pissed me off for the last time.”

Sidebar: I cannot tell how many different nights the people for The Voice held these blind auditions for real because Christina Aguilera has worn the SAME white blazer/black cleavagey tank for every episode. And, of course, she’s got her black fan…. which is so funny that I enjoy it. But the only thing about The X Factor I like is that I can deduce things by what outfits Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are wearing.

Rob Michael The Voice Season 3 – He was in B3 and was big in Europe. But America? Not so much. He called it “humbling, hard times.” If you crossed Ricky Martin and Sebastian Stan… you’d get Rob Michael. No one turned around. That always makes me feel bad. Sorry, man! “It was like 50 Shades of Grey in here,” Adam Levine said about how the girls in the audience were all shouty Well, the music industry is fickle. Sorry, Rob! Levine said “This is The Voice, not The Abs.” Very true.

Caitlin Michele The Voice – She suffers from panic attacks, which is unfortunate. And her vice, rather than alcohol, is music. I love how she describes music as her medicine. She gave us a moving, powerful rendition of “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine. I swear I got shivers! Blake turned! A bit later, Levine did. “You muthaf$#ker,” Blake shouted as he stood up in anger. (I love their tantrums.) “That was powerful,” Blake said to her right away. Adam said he’d been resisting (“Cool your spurs or whatever you do” – Adam to Blake) about some pitch things. But the potential was “epic”. Blake said he was impressed how accurate she is with her notes. “If you wanna be a risk taker, I woudl say maybe head over to Adam’s team,” said Christina Aguilera. This caused Adam to gloat. When he said that she was different and that’s why he wanted her, she had made her choice. TEAM ADAM. Find her on Twitter @CaitlinMicheleX

Nicole Johnson The Voice – Her story and even her look reminds me of a brunette Taylor Swift. She sang a country version of “Mr. Know It All.” I was immediately in love with her voice. Cee Lo was to, and he turned. Then country boy Blake! Cee Lo said, “You just sounded like one of the best.” High praise! Blake also took note of and he also took note of how she said “thang.” He said, “You had me at thang.” So sweet. “I would be honored to be your country music coach.” Team Blake for Nicole!

Sidebar: Tweet Beat – Purrfect The Cat ‏@PurrfectTheCat: Watching on my #iPawd =^..^=

Sidebar: Tweet Beat – Blake Shelton ‏@blakeshelton: Sorry @CeeLoGreen, It’s a Country thang, you wouldn’t understand. #HadMeAtThang #TheVoice

Kameron Corvet The Voice – He’s a middle school French teacher who is also super hot. Mmm, dreamy. Plus, smart and well-spoken and everything! AND HE SPEAKS FRENCH, SO, YEA. And he sang “Crazy” in such a sublime way that the entire audience was feeling him. But no one turned for him! Noooo. I am really glad that the coaches, even when they didn’t pick someone, always offer good feedback for the artists to take with themselves.

Chevonne The Voice – She’s been on a Lady Gaga tour and stuff, so she has experience. Cee Lo wasn’t gonna turn, but then he and Blake did at the very last second. YAY. Cee Lo did want to know why he heard pain in her voice. She said she’d had eating disorders and insecurity… a darkness. But she wants to tell the story now that she’s lived it. She had a really hard time choosing but then went TEAM CEE LO. @listen2chevonne

Kayla Nevarez The Voice – Her father is very sick, and she has a sad story. Adam Levine turned for her right away. Then Xtina. Then Cee Lo! Christina really fought for her. Adam said he had only one spot left but he knew she was the one he wanted. Adam said he had a psychotic competitive drive, and Christiana said she didn’t want any psychos! She went with TEAM ADAM. Xtina said that was their best battle yet.

Adam’s team was then full.

Celica Westbrook The Voice – She was almost on the Justin Bieber tour. Xtina turned early on. Cee Lo’s in! Blake’s in! “You need to be on radio, like now,” said Christina. Xtina and Blake were both pointing their fingers at themselves. Cee Lo plays it cool. And Celica went with Team Xtina! Also, Celica looks like Carly Pope, no?

Christina’s team was then full.

Geoina The Voice – No team.

Taylor Wagner The Voice – No team.

Jessica Cayne The Voice – Struggling with insecurity and an eating disorder, she got emotional when talking about it. But she’s got a lot of spirit. Also, amazing hair (real or extentions?) and a cute dress. I loved the entire package. She was singing for her life. But no one turned for her… That’s a bummer. What a memorable performance based on her personality and her gratefulness.

Rudy Parris The Voice – He looks metal, but he sang country. Blake and Cee Lo both turned. Agressive Cee Lo came out to play… which is still pretty calm Cee Lo. Team Blake.

Blake’s team was now full.

Cody Belew The Voice – He’s a country boy, but he discovered soul music… and now he’s into it all. “I really truly believe in a past life I was an elderly black lady.” I love him! Plus, amazing voice! Cee Lo hit his button at the last second. Cody didn’t even seem to see it! But when he did, he was really happy! His nickname is Bam Bam!

Michael Buble, Billy Joe Armstrong, Rob Thomas and Mary J. Blige will all be on The Voice season 3!

“The Steal” is the new rule of The Voice.

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