Cee Lo Green loved this rendition of a Katy Perry song so much he was dancing in his chair.

Blake Shelton paired Kayla Nevaraz and Alessandra Guerico for battle.

Who are they again?

Kayla’s father has a liver disease and that’s tough on her. Three chairs turned for her.

Alessandra Guerico is from Brooklyn.

The Voice Rehearsals”

Song: Wide Awake (Katy Perry)

Adam said Kayla’s strength is in her power, but both can do great elongated notes to duke it out. Adam said Alessandra was more studied while Kayla was more natural.

Mary J. Blige thought Alessandra was over-pronouncing the words. “You gotta believe it for us to believe it, because people doubt you when you’re always thinking,” she advised.

The Voice Season 3 Team Adam Battle Performance

Blake loved when Alessandra’s voice had that raspy/gravely sound. But with Kayla, he loved her sweet vibratto and her runs. “Dang, Adam, this is a sucky one for you,” he said.

Christina said that as they age they’ll be less afraid to take risks. But she loved it.

Cee Lo thought Kayla’s soft voice is precious, but wasn’t sure if that was a winning quality going through. He said Alessandra has more attitude and he’d pick her to win.

Adam thought both had a few small issues (Alessandra had insecurity, Kayla meanwhile really wants to win), but the winner was Kayla.

THE STEAL – Christina pushed her button to keep Alessandra.

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Photo Credit: NBC