Adam Levine ignored all three other coaches and gave a win to Sam James instead of Benji on The Voice season 3! How do you feel about that? Let’s remind you what happened.

For Team Adam and their first battle tonight, Adam Levine paired together Sam James and Benji.

Who are they, again?

Bartender Sam James is hoping for a career change.

Benji wowed both Adam and Cee Lo – but Adam won him over to be on his team.

The Voice Rehearsals

The song is “You Give Love” (Bon Jovi)

Coach Levine says Sam is a powerhouse, but Benji also can have a pristine voice. But Benji had to work on not screaming out the  lyrics.

“If you can’t hit that note, hit it with an emotion,” said adviser Mary J. Blige.

The Voice Season 3 Team Adam Battle Performance

Blake thought Benji had explored more, and would give the win to him.

Christina thought Sam had an Adam Levine thing in his voice. She liked that he was consistent. Her winner would be Benji.

Cee Lo also thought Benji was the winner.

Adam said Benji has one of the best screams he’d ever heard. He thought Sam was coming through as himself and he respected that. The winner was ….Sam!

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Photo Credit: NBC