Poor Blake Shelton didn’t add any new team members during these blind auditions!

Trevanne Howell – Singer – The Voice Season 3 – A single mother of two, she belted out a Whitney Houston song. Christina Aguilera said there were some great runs, but the vibrato was a bit fast and the song was a bit shaky. No one turned for her. That’s always tough, especially because the judges are always so encouraging even when they don’t place a singer on a team. This is very different than shows like American Idol, who love being critical.

Collin McLoughlin- Singer – The Voice Season 3 – He left grad school to pursue his dream and broke his Mother’s lil heart. (His Mom looked a lot like Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford.) He sang a Cat Stevens song called “Wide World.” Cee Lo Green hit his button, then Blake Shelton did. A bit later Adam Levine pushed his. I have loved this song a lot, especially after it was featured on Skins. Blake insisted he was the only judge to sing along when Collin said to sing along. He also said that Cee Lo was reaching for his phone and accidentally pushed his button. He also said he should be pissed at Christina not for pushing the button. Man, I love this interplay with the judges. Aguilera said he was a little mellow for her… yea, yea. Team Adam the Voice season 3!

Joselyn Rivera – The Voice Season 3 – Singer – A doctor prescribed music for her at a young age, so she got a Barbie karaoke machine and then blossomed. She sang “Stronger.” I liked the tone to her voice, but wanted more energy. She was also great on the stage with her movements. Xtina turned for her and that made me happy, because they can nurture her voice. And then, psh, Blake turned around at the end! Go away, this singer is for Xtina! (I’m only playing, I love Blake, too.) Xtina didn’t realize Blake had also pushed his button, damn. “Christina has known to be abusive,” Blake ribbed. “She gets in their head… there have been people who quit singing just after they met her,” he added. Blake lost out, though! Team Christina The Voice season 3!

Benji – The Voice Season 3 – Singer – A former race car driver, he’s now into music. He sang “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” Levine turned around first. Cee Lo later turned. On his last note, Christina made a shocked Snooki face of approval. Cee Lo had happy feet, dancing around in his seat. “You’ve got a real thing,” Adam said. When Christina said Benji sounded like Adam a bit, Shelton said “he doesn’t sound like a jackass at all!” Team Adam Season 3 The Voice.

Lorraine Ferro – The Voice Season 3 – Singer – She’s a hyper one! And 52. She sang the Demi Lovato song “Skyscraper.” I thought she might be a bit too theatrical for anyone to turn around… But no one did turn around. That was sad. “Who’s happier than me?” she was happy, anyway. “This is amazing!” Adam said he just didn’t respond to the lack of control, and Blake said it was a bit inconsistent.

Todd Kesler – The Voice Season 3 – Singer – Team Cee Lo

Ben Taub – The Voice Season 3 – Singer – Team Cee Lo

Emily Earle – The Voice Season 3 – Singer – Team Cee Lo

At this point, Blake Shelton had hit his button three times but not gained anyone for his team yet. The ratio of button pushes and team members wasn’t looking good. He only has 7 members to his team!

Mycle Wastman – The Voice Season 3 – Singer – Adam hit his button, then Cee Lo right after. A tiny bit after Blake did. He crooned out “Let’s Stay Together.” Xtina almost hit her button, but didn’t. I mean, I doubt he would pick her anyway. Cee Lo said he was more excited about Mycle than anyone else in the blind auditions that day. Cee Lo said he was named after Al Green, which isn’t true. Adam sucked up sincerely, saying he has such a weakness for that song.”Nobody does soul music better than Cee Lo Green,” said Green. And Blake said it was a “fact” that Mycle was the best vocalist they’ve heard today. Christina called attention to her boobs (not really, but how can you not notice them every damn time?) and said he had to pick. So.. who? Team Cee Lo Green!

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