Team Cee Lo might very well win The Voice season 3. And Team Xtina might not stand a chance!

The Voice season 3 continued on Monday night. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton had 5 vocalists. Cee Lo Green has 4 of his own. Christina Aguilera has 7 “stars in the making.” And, of course, once we get all these people’s hopes up (and their families go batshit crazy)

Fun note: Blake Shelton got an award from the ACM for being the male vocalist of the year, and he was incredibly willing to bring it up, and even bring it along.

Melanie Martinez – Singer – The Voice – A gap in her front teeth, this beautiful retro-styled girl likes conceptual portraiture and sang “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Her deal is about re-interpreting songs in her own way. Upcycling them, almost. Blake and Adam turned around at almost the same time. Later, Cee Lo Green turned it round. Adam said it sounded a bit like Bjork, which is SO true. I love that she was styled almost like Minnie Mouse with the red bow and black/white blouse. Blake said he thought she was a star. Cee Lo said she was awesome, and that she gave a great rendition of that song. Blake and Adam really were fighting over her. Christina wanted to say she was a fan, but figured Melanie would be in good hands with these three guys. Melanie said she wanted to be with someone who would let her express her creativity…. Team Adam! And Adam gave some bows to the rest of the judges after he hugged his newest addition! “Did I do that?” he asked Blake in an Urkel voice. Yup, you did!

Cupid – Singer – The Voice – Do you know the “Cupid Shuffle”? Then you know him. But he hates being known as a one hit wonder. But it was interesting that he chose to sing the “Cupid Shuffle” on the show. He said he wanted to do it better than he’d ever done it before, essentially. I thought he had a great voice, and amazing, upbeat presence on the stage. But no one turned around. Cee Lo actually knew him! “What you doing on the show?” he asked. And Cupid explained why he was there. Christina said he was completely entertaining. And Cee Lo said the song choice was difficult, and asked him to sing something else right there. “You really can sing,” Blake said. Unfortunately, he wasn’t picked and it was time to go. His friends tried to console him by saying the world now knows he can sing, and is not “just the dude behind that song.” Sigh.

Brian Scartocci – Singer – The Voice – Adam and Blake turned at the same time for this hip Dad. Adam thought his Stevie Wonder cover of “Isn’t She Lovely” was wonderful, and even tried to suck up by saying he’d like to see about getting these both together to sing. Blake called foul on this. And since he needs people on his team, he said they were similar because Blake often wears jeans and a vest. “You have soul, I have a soul. …I think that we have serious chemistry!” he added. Adam sarcastically added, “Blake really pinpointed the important things.” Also coming out of this interview with the Blake Shelton quote gem: “I’ve got on some pink right now, you just can’t see it.” Well, Scartocci was sure he would go with Cee Lo (who didn’t turn) but he choose Adam. Did the name dropping help?

VanJess – Singers – The Voice – “Work Out” – No for them.

cee lo green lady birdMaddie and Julia – Singers – The Voice – “Disturbia” – They had timing issues.

The Wadsworth Sisters – Singers – The Voice – Their duo wasn’t tight enough.

Beat Frequency – Singers – The Voice – This married couple had Christina turning around right away. I could swear I saw Cee Lo looking at Aguilera like “seriously?” Heh. They had good moments, but weren’t blowing me away. Team Xtina!

Tyler Lillestol – Singer – The Voice – Usher time! I thought he was pretty…kinda good, but no one turned.

Liz Davis – Singer – The Voice – This blonde beauty croons country music. Christina and Adam turned at the same time. I personally felt she was shouting too much of the song and that she looked eerily like Jennie Garth. Blake then turned at the last second. Christina told him to get his country card “out of the way”. Christina said Liz woke her up, and mentioned how she was the first to turn around. Team Blake!

Jr Aquino – Singer – The Voice – Popular on YouTube, this guy sang “Just the Way You Are.” Adam and Xtina hit their red buttons at quite literally the same moment. I want an instant replay on that! And listen… I actually don’t think he’s that great of a singer. Maybe it’s just a bad song for him? I’m not saying he’s bad, just not as amazing as I had expected. I do love his personality… And he pulled Cee Lo over at the last second. Adam said, “when you pick me, you’ll be making the right choice.” Adam also pointed his thumbs at himself in a way that looked like King Kong beating his chest. But Jr went with Cee Lo! And having a guy on your team who has already gotten tons of public adoration? That’s a big deal.

Agina Alvarez – Singer – The Voice – Her song was “Turn the Beat Around.” Her story was sad… she’d had a Latin album produced by the label dropped her, her Dad lost his job, they lost their house… But when she started singing her voice surprised me.. it was very deep. Cee Lo almost hit his button for her, but then didn’t. Ouch. Blake said he was embarrassed for all four of them. Aguilera said she wanted more dimension in the performance. Adam couldn’t believe how small she was vs her big voice.

Nicholas David – Singer – The Voice – He came out of the darkness, and now he has a wife and a son and he’s happy. No more boozing! Team Cee Lo!

Alessandra Guerico – Singer – The Voice – Levine turned first.Then Cee Lo at the very end. Adam said her voice was refined for her young age. Cee Lo said she had great vocals. I was not inspired by her. She ended up on… Team Adam.

Adanna Duru – Singer – The Voice – Team Adam.

Kelly Crapa – Singer – The Voice – Team Blake.

Paulina – Singer – The Voice – Team Christina.

Avery Wilson – Singer – The Voice – Adam, Cee Lo, Christina – they all turned in a row. He sang “Without You.” And Aguilera was teasing Blake. And then he turned, too. Fun! Adam said it was the most spirited crowd reaction they’ve had. (So far or for season 3? Clarify!) This dude is only 16! Adam said they were all a bit floored. “I gotta have you, you need to pick me,” he insisted. Aguliera said what he had couldn’t be taught. Blake was hilarious, “Hey man, my name’s Blake. I hit my button out of absolutely respect for your vocal ability.” Cee Lo said he was impressive, and he held back on his button to enjoy the moment he had first heard him. “You deserve to be heard,” he said. So who? I thought it was between Blake and Cee Lo. Avery went with Team Cee Lo! Nice! Cee Lo thinks Avery might be the golden child. And… what is that pink bird on his shoulder?! I want to see that cat! Mr. Purrfect?


I think Team Cee Lo might be the strongest right now. He has the voices that are the most unique. I mean, who’s going to beat Avery Wilson?! And Youtube sensation JR Aquino is gonna go far… he has the buzzworthy people, you see?

Meanwhile, Team Xtina has that weird couple who sang Katy Perry… yikes.

Note: I figured it out – Christina Aguilera reminds me of Snooki! DO YOU AGREE?

An exclusive behind the scenes bit from Christiana’s new song “Your Body” was shown by NBC. I’m not even sure how to explain what I saw.. a car… a drug store… lots of hair… more retro styles… but veering back towards her dirty phase by having pink highlights and such…

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