The Voice season 3 continued with battle rounds tonight! Melanie Martinez and Caitlin Michele really wowed us all. Of course, Blake Shelton wasn’t sure how to respond to them. But he did want to steal Michele!

Lady Gaga “Telephone”
Team Cee Lo Season 3 The Voice
Cody Belew vs Domo
Notes: Domo was a bit too into how to choreograph their battle rather than talking about her vocals.  Cody cared more about the singing, and that was in his favor with his coach, Cee Lo. But Cody was concerned he might be overlooked and then said to the camera, “She can’t whip that ponytail in my face.” But.. she didn’t wear a ponytail. She had crimped hair. Is someone on The Voice back there with a crimper? They did that to one of the 2 Steel Girls last night, too. Stop crimping everyone! I feel like Domo is borderline arrogant. But Xtina and Adam thought she reigned it in. Shakira would have appreciated all that hip action, I guess.
Battle Winner: Cody Belew (Right before it was announced, Cody looked defeated and Domo looked triumphant.) Even Cee Lo’s Lady liked him.

James Morrison “You Give Me Something”
Team Christina Season 3 The Voice
Aquile vs Nathalie Hernandez
Notes: Xtina told Nathalie she had to be fearless. She’s only fifteen, but she’s a quiet fighter. (Geez, does Christina have enough Starbucks?) I’m not sure about Billie Jo Armstrong. He’s always so positive, he keeps telling everyone he helps advise how their version is better than the original. (Which can not always be true, and you cannot just dis James Morrison like that!) Nathalie’s hair styling was great with the double fish tails, she’s a true beauty. But both of these artists did so well. Cee Lo said he senses something very precious about Nathalie’s voice. But he felt that Aquile had done a perfect performance the entire way through. “When I was fifteen, I was a zit,” Adam said. He felt that Aquile was ready, and Nathalie will be soon. As in… later. It did seem like we knew where this was going. (Although Xtina said she wished Blake had pulled the steal here.)
Battle Winner: Aquile

Elie Goulding “Lights”
Melanie Martinez vs Caitlin Michele
Team Adam Season 3 The Voice
Notes: I love them both! #LittleBows is what you can use to tweet to Melanie Martinez, btw! “The best way to excel in this business is to give it 200%,” Adam said. Thing is, I like them both so much that I hate they were paired up against each other. (Caitlin Michele looks like Lindsey Shaw and sounds like Florence Welch. And, someone sitting in Caitlin’s section..maybe her brother, looks like Jesse Eisenberg. I can’t help but see this stuff!) Blake had this gem, “In other words, you’re not Country so I don’t understand.” He tried to talk about how they are Indie and he got all confused. Christina called it a pretty and moving performance. Cee Lo loves the way Melanie ends notes, and the theatrics in Caitlin’s voice. Adam said the other judges weren’t showing their hands because they wanted to steal one of them. Adam went with his gut…
Battle Winner: Melanie Martinez
Steal: Cee Lo and Blake Shelton both went in for it! “Come to me my dark princess,” said Cee Lo. And she went to Team Cee Lo! THANK GOODNESS we didn’t have to lose her! “Sorry, I can’t make words now cause I’m really happy,” commented Michele.

Photo Credit: NBC

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