Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine have both hinted at new rules for The Voice during tonight’s blind auditions!

The Voice Live Blog for Season 3 – Blind Auditions!

Michelle Brooks-Thompson The Voice Season 3- She works at a bank, and even her boss has told her to pursue this dream. She has two daughters (twins? there’s matching outfits) and a loving husband. Said husband made a pro football team, but was released before his first game. That’s harsh. She’s worried that both of their dreams will be shot down. That’s sad! so, finally it was time to sing and she picked “Proud Mary.” Adam Levine and then Cee Lo Green both pushed their button. Blake told Christina this was someone for her, but Christina was not even close to hitting her button yet. We started to see her hovering her hand and then she did push it in the end. Good girl! So, we started this off with some happiness. Michelle’s voice was powerful and triumphant. I really like her so far. She’d already thought this out in terms of who she wanted as her coach and she picked Team Adam The Voice Season 3!

Diego Val The Voice Season 3 – His hip bone disintegrated as a child and music helped him. He sings for sick kids now, which is an amazing way to give back to them. I kind of want to do it, myself. He got the crowd going with his own interpretation of “Animal” by Neon Trees. I loved what he did with it. And I kept waiting for Adam to push his button. Come on! He even gave some Spanish! The crowd was so into him and still no one had – Cee Lo finally turned round! YAY. See, I’m already such a fan. The other jugdes liked him, and Christina said there are some twists and turns in this season and she might be able to snatch him up later.

The Voice Season 3 New Rules? Apparently so!

Lauren Brooke The Voice Season 3 – Becoming a singer helped her overcome childhood dyslexia. She recently had an uncle pass away, and he was a huge inspiration for her. He was only 46. That’s young. Damn. Her song choice was “Cowboy Casanova” which I have to admit I’ve never heard before because country is so not my thang. I liked her voice well enough, although I don’t know … Sadly, no one turned around. Adam said there was some pitchy stuff going on.

Suzanna Choffel The Voice Season 3 – As a teacher, she loves seeing music help kids. I feel right off the bat that she’s a sweetheart. She gave us some Fleetwood Mac with “Landslide” and it was soulful. Adam turned around very early on. I was surprised Blake hadn’t turned yet! But, yay, he did! About damn time, Blake! I’m not sure why Christina teases the cameras about almost pushing her button… what is that about? “I could tell that was a grown woman singing that song,” said Cee Lo. Blake and Adam were fighting for her… and she had actually thought about both of them… this was tough for her. She went with Team Blake! YAY for Blake!

Michaela Paige The Voice Season 3 – Team Blake!

Ryan Jirovec The Voice Season 3 – Team Blake!

Dez Duron The Voice Season 3 – He was on season 2 and sang a Backstreet Boy song. He’s back now, hoping someone will turn around now. “You gotta take risks for your dreams,” he says. Blake turned around and had a huge reaction of laughing. When Blake told Christina she wouldn’t want to turn, she pushed her button right away. Cee Lo turned, then. Note: He was dressed like James Dean. Other note: Why is Adam Levine so damn sexy? Can I just marry him? “If nobody else is just gonna say it… this dude is good looking! I’m secure enough to say that to you. Man to man, you’re hot,” Blake said. He also compared him to AJ Slater and Elvis. When all is said and done he’s on Team Christina!

VJ The Voice Season 3 – He decided to sing “Forget You” in front of Cee Lo, which is ballsy as hell. No one turned around thought. Blake said the voice VJ has with that song … it didn’t merge well. Cee Lo decided to come up and stage and sing. “You gotta sing with some sarcasm,” he said. They had a good ol’ time on the stage, and VJ looked like he was having fun. I also loved that Adam Levine leaned over to say “great job man, great job” as VJ left.

Alexis Marceaux The Voice Season 3 – Her glasses bothered me a little, but I liked the rest of her outfit. Cee Lo turned for her. I felt she did better with the song as she went along. – Team Cee Lo

Sam James The Voice Season 3 – Team Adam

Laura Vivas The Voice Season 3 – Team Christina

Leila Broussard The Voice Season 3 – Team Blake

(At this point, I started getting pretty tired! Wah. No one would bring me a slice of carrot cake!)

Brandon Mahone – Adam turned first. Then Cee Lo. Then Christina. Team Adam got the win!

Jeffrey James – He tried to wake me up but I was pretty tired! No one turned around. Adam says they didn’t push their buttons because the song ended too fast.

Jordan Pruitt – She’s had a record deal with Disney and has been on tour with Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens… bla bla. She’s ready to make more mature music. I’m not entirely sure why she sang a Katy Perry song … it’s not that mature. Christina turned for her, though. Team Christina aka Team Xtina aka I don’t know which she uses.

Teresa Griffin – She belted out Adele. Christina turned, then Blake. Thank goodness! She has a great character to her, and she is now Team Blake!

Blind Auditions Night 6 is OVER. Here’s where we stand with the teams…

  • Team Adam has 14
  • Team Blake has 12
  • Team Cee Lo has 13
  • Team Xtina has 13

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