From The Morgan Twins to Christian Porter…we’ve got notes on all of their  auditions from The Voice season 4!


In our recap of these additions, we include the notes that the judges offered, as well as our own commentary.

The Voice 2013 Recap

The Morgan Twins The Voice – The first set of twins to audition on The Voice. Living up the gimmick, they wore the exact same outfit, and even opened doors at the same time. And they said they always dress alike, even when not on the show. …That’s a bit creepy. However, I think they seem really sweet. And who wouldn’t want a support team like that…as if the image in the mirror would just come out and decide to help you with everything? I wouldn’t hate it. They sang “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys. Usher and Blake hit their buttons before the other twin even came in! Adam turned, much to Blake’s chagrin. And Usher was living it up, he loves sitting in the red chair and mouthing along th words. Meanwhile, Shakira was the holdout…until she wasn’t. I felt like they looked like Carrie Underwood, dressed like Britney Spears, and sang like… Sarah Bareilles. Yea. Blake praised them for the cool runs, and looking like, “a damn Doublemint commercial.” Usher was very suave and adorable as he told them why they should pick us. All in all, every damn judged was floored by them. “Faith is the engine,” Shakira said as she was trying to pull them to her team. I love how serious she gets about it. Then? Blake pulled the “I have a family member in the business” too. Everyone wanted them. But who got them? BLAKE.

Jess Kellner The Voice – She did a jazzy cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” I have to admit, I loved this voice a LOT. It’s the kind of voice I’d want to sing along with, too. Usher and Shakira both turned. Adam thought there was too much Adele in her voice. Shakira argued that Adele was more raspy, and Blake egged them on to argue. (Squee!) Team USHER for her. By this time, I saw Shakira loosening up and being silly…which I loved. I like when they can all be serious AND silly.

Mark Andrew The Voice – He sang “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and Adam and Shakira both turned around quickly. His voice was soulful and earthy…the kind you’d hear in your favorite coffee shop. Adam said he turned around because he didn’t sound like anyone else. He also said the song choice probably wasn’t the best. But, remember, Adam still turned around. “I was hooked,” he said. Shakira said she loved the performance from top to bottom. “I haven’t felt this way, so far,” she added. Shakira and Adam bantered and fought over him. “I know she’s a lot prettier than I am, but don’t be blinded by lust,” he insisted. Mark said, “I don’t think my wife would ever forgive me if I didn’t pick Shakira. So…I pick Shakira.”

Janetza Miranda The Voice – This lady was FULL of energy. She said he did birdcalls and bachata dance with her Latin style. And you could tell she was hero worshipping Shakira as a big idol. That’s always sweet. Her song choice was “Titanium.” My heart was falling when no one was turning around and Miranda was singing her heart out to the rafters. Shakira almost hit her button, and then didn’t. And…she never did. Wow. That’s always sad. “This sucks, and I’m sorry,” said Adam. Miranda seemed shaken up, and he ran up on stage to give her a hug. “We’re gonna tell you some stuff, and help you, and you’re gonna come back,” he told her. Shakira said the key should have been a half step down, but her voice was very strong. Blake thought the verses were a little too dramatic for him. Usher reminded her that this wasn’t the end. “It’s just the beginning” Miranda agreed.

Danielle Bradbery The Voice – This adorable Southern girl struggled with her crooked teeth while growing up. She was humble and sweet, I thought she even wore a really cute outfit (would it be weird if I copied the outfit of what is probably a 16-year-old?…probably.) Her song choice was “Mean” as we know to be a Taylor Swift song. Bradbery had a country twang. Usher and Blake turned around almost at the same time – score! Do you know what was great? Seeing her sister crying and so excited backstage. Her sister seemed overwhelmed with pride, which is so sweet. And then, then Adam turned around! (Naturally, Blake insisted he turn back around.) Blake teased her (in a sweet way) about being so small and short and cute. Shakira said she felt stupid she didn’t turn her chair, but said she did envision her wearing cowboy boots. They were all wowed that this was Danielle’s first big performance. And the girl didn’t even look that nervous, which was amazing. “We take ownership of Taylor Swift,” Blake said when Adam said that “Taylor is not primarily a country artist.” Usher then tried to bribe Danielle with Justin Bieber tickets. “I think my heart goes out to…Blake!” TEAM BLAKE.

Vedo The Voice – “Boyfriend” was his song choice. I laughed out loud when we heard Carson, with the family, say, “C’mon Ush, right now!” Ush? Sure. Anyway, speaking of that sexy guy…he turned for Vedo! Shakira said, “Usher is your man.” As for his inspiratiohn, Vedo said it was his Mom. “I know she’s backstage crying right now. I’m gonna go cry with her.” Everyone knew that Vedo wanted Usher as a judge, so they didn’t even try to sway him.

Christian Porter The Voice – “I want music to be my career,” he said of his passion. “Whether they turn around or not, I know I’m going to have a good time on that stage.” But his voice made girls cheer. His song was “Sexy and I Know It.” He did it in a …acoustic-y way, totally different than the way the original song is performed. Shakira turned around, totally impressed, judging by the look on her face. I felt like Adam wanted to turn around so he could befriend this unusual guy. But Blake pushed his button first, cheering for Porter. And then at the last minute, Usher turned, too. And I gotta be honest… this guy? …Really cute. Pretty sexy. I dig it. Usher also dug it, saying, “The women were going so crazy…I really thought I was gonna turn to a strip show… like it was like Magic Mike up there…” Adam said, “I thought it was possible it wasn’t even a human up there.” Blake loved the imagination of the arrangement. Usher loved his confidence. TEAM BLAKE.

Leah Lewis The Voice – This is a blues/country singer who was adopted (with her sister) and has really supportive parents. She was hoping Blake or Usher would turn around. She sang, “Blown Away.” It seemed like a struggle for Adam not to push his button, but in the end no one did. Blake said he could tell there was no potential in her voice that needed to develop still. Shakira also thought she needs a bit more practice, but has a great voice. “If you’re 99% amazing and you’re fifteen? You got nothing to worry about sweetheart,” said Adam.

Kris Thomas The Voice  – From a religious family, he grew up listening to Gospel music. “Saving All My Love For You,” was his tune. “You’re a Dude,” Usher exclaimed when he turned around. Shakira pushed her button, so she was the only one who could have ’em. TEAM SHAKIRA.

James Irwin The Voice – His wife suffered a miscarriage of twins, which made him very emotional in his interview portion. His song choice was, “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” Sadly, no one turned.

Judith Hill – “What A Girl Wants.” Usher turned in .54 seconds. Previously having sung with Michael Jackson, she’s obviously very good. Everyone turned around, and Adam got on his chair. Adam said he wanted to light himself on fire to make sure he got to be her coach. Shakira played the “girl” card. Usher played the “I’m sexy” card. Everyone played their cards. And in the end… TEAM ADAM.