In tonight’s Secret Circle, the circle pooled their powers to do some serious damage. This felt like the weakest of the three episodes that has aired so far, but I found a few things that I wanted to make special mention of for this review.

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Soul Mates

I like the way Cassie and Adam seem to be unable to look at each other all the time, even though … it sucks that Adam might cheat on Diana. Hopefully it won’t fall apart that way. It seems a little less skeevy since Cassie and Adam are allegedly destined.

Group Hugging

Like Faye, I think it sucks not to have any power on your own. I’m not sure I’d sacrifice it for stronger/bigger power as a group.

Mystery Girl

Aren’t dying to find out what Amelia did to Heather?

Diana’s the Sweetheart?

Diana is aware that Adam likes Cassie. And I know she’s supposed to be sweet and everything, but she seems a little menacing.

Witch GPS

Mrs. Chamberlain marked Zachary to be able to find him at any time. That’d be a nifty trick for jealous girlfriends. Hey, Diana would probably love to use it on Adam!

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