Often I’m pretty harsh on The Secret Circle in my reviews, but the episode “Balcoin” left me with very little to complain about. Below are my five favorite things about this episode. Did I pick your favs?

Amazing points of the episode “Balcoin” included

1. Cassie Blake’s (Britt Robertson) super fun strapless dress. The bottom of the dress was very poofy. I imagine lots of teenager girls are trying to locate what dress she wore on the show. Pairing a necklace of any type (especially a chunky one) is great with a strapless number. Even Britt Robertson’s hair looked especially great here (I think the secret was her deep part.)

2. Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) was so blunt with Diana (Shelley Hennig) about how her cousin isn’t a rebound. Z-snap! I loved that honesty. Melissa is a great character, and I like to see the friendships between all of the girls grow.

3. Another person in the circle is basically related to Cassie! My bet is that it’s Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), given what we heard about how her Mother liked this John Blackwell person from the Balcoin family. Undiscovered sisters – that’s fun, man.

4. Cassie and Nick never had any romance, but you have to admit there’s an inherent bit of fun in having a window that looks directly across from the room of the guy you love – or suspect is trying to murder you. It seems like Jake (Chris Zylka) had a last minute change of heart, although I’m still a bit baffled about how that happened. Was it because Cassie shared so much of herself with him that he felt guilty? To be fair, her stories were pretty endearing.

5. All of the old papers with the weird symbols and the Blackwell family tree were so cool it made me want to sketch out my own extended family tree. Anyone else get that urge, or am I just a total nerd?

P.S. I should have mentioned this before, but the set decoration of Grandma Blake’s house? Oh man. It’s just so perfect. I’ve taled about Cassie’s room before (and provided plenty of pics, so make sure to take a look!) but this episode focused on the dining room and I loved how the earthy, soulful look was merged with more elegant, antique decor with that fabulous glass chandelier.

React: What were your five favorite things about The Secret Circle “Balcoin”? Would any of my favorite things have made your list?