If you’re Rachel Zoe and about to launch a third season of your hit Bravo reality TV show, what’s your next move?  C’mon! You launch your clothing and accessories line! And then you label it as a “Lifestyle collection” so that it seems, as Kristin Chenoweth‘s haracter April Rhodes on Glee would declare, “full time fancy.” Read on for the fashionable details.

A new picture from Bravo: The Rachel Zoe Project season 3

Season two of The Rachel Zoe Project averaged approx 1 million US viewers, so it’s fair to say she has a solid following.  The news of the collection broke from WWD. Zoe will be sticking to clothing, accessories and shoes as she launches The Rachel Zoe Collection (under Li & Fung Ltd) but may later expand to a home collection. What can you expect? Zoe is a fan of boho chic items like maxi dresses with faux-fur or leather jackets. And of course, she adores her “sunnies” (translation: sunglasses).

Zoe says of her new collection, “The bottom line for me is if I’m passionate about it, I will sell it like crazy because I love it.”

We may have a love/hate relationship with Rachel Zoe, she has stunning style instincts for knowing what looks good. This means that The Rachel Zoe Project is a more than decently fun (and educational) reality TV show on Bravo. We recommend it to anyone who also has an appreciation for Project Runway.

Bravo, we’d really love for there to be a Rachel Zoe-based Wii game…if you’re ever looking for any more ideas that fans could respond to.  And we’re completely serious about that. Those Wii’s are addictive! So expand upon The Rachel Zoe Project Dress-Up Game soon! How else will we know if Zoe approves of our accessorizing?

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