Is Nellie the best thing to happen to Pam Halpert since Jim?

Andy and Michelle Obama

Perhaps one of the reasons this worked so well is because you could also imagine this happening to Michael Scott (Steve Carell). In that way, it’s a cheat to have Andy (Ed Helms) as the boss because he’s so like Michael sometimes.

Asian Jim

This was a classic prank pulled by Jim (and Pam …and everyone else) on Dwight (Rainn Wilson). We haven’t had any really great, classic pranks in this vein for a while.

Pam and Nellie: Actual Friends

Nellie (Catherine Tate) has been unlikeable, but suddenly she’s the best thing to happen to Pam (Jenna Fischer). We wonder who Nellie has in mind for Pam that is “better and rich and Filipino.”

The Office “Andy’s Ancestry” Review Notes: Misc

– Clark and Pete clapping for Andy’s every action
– Pam painted a mural on Angela’s wall. But all the animals had to be clothed. “Angela insisted that all the animals be fully clothed.”
– Andy texted “Asap (As soon as possible)”
– Dwight teaching Erin Dothraki from Game of Thrones. (Ellie Kemper really pronounced stuff well.)
– “It’s not real until your wife is on board.” – Daryl
– It’s funny cause it’s true: “People laughed at Klingon at first, and now you can major in it.” – Dwight

Do you think Pam is on board with Jim’s new plan? Could The Office end with them separating or even divorcing?

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