In the end, John Krasinski knows that a lot of people are still looking for their very own Jim Halpert.


During a conference call today, Greg Daniels and John Krasinski opened up to talk about The Office finale, which airs on May 16th, 2013.
We wondered, why go for martial problems in the final season? Greg Daniels said he had to share credit with John and the rest of the cast who became producers this year (Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms…) “The bones of it came from something from his (John’s) brother..:
John said his favorite thing about the relationship was so real. How it can “feel bland or more exciting, from time to time.” His pitch to Greg was… after marriage and kids, there was a lull about what to do. “The idea of Jim’s ambitious was always one of my favorite things from the early seasons.. form Australia to trying to be the boss from corporate NYC… “

“The idea of him going to another city came from my brother actually.” His brother travels, and he says it was a “strain on the family in a very new way.” But he also said the strain was not as bad as we see for Jim and Pam.

“I was attracted to doing something that would matter, and people would feel very involved,” said Daniels.

News, hoy! Cast auditions will be airing on NBC the night of the finale. John Krasinski improving about his favorite fruit? You might see it! Pomegranates, for the record. Right before John’s audition, he accidentally confessed to Greg (not knowing he was in charge) that he was nervous for the people making the show because America’s tended to screw up British shows. And then Krasinski “threw up” in his mouth a little.

Will Michael Scott and Holly come back for the finale? Greg Daniels said that Steve Carell thought his goodbye episode really did say goodbye to him, and he wouldn’t want to overshadow the other characters leaving.

But BJ Novak will be back for the finale!

Of Scranton, Greg said, “We’re used to gray skies.” Aw, Scranton.

For the last days of filming, Krasinksi said there were no tears, just celebrating.

Krasinski can’t pick favorite episodes. But he can speak to a few he really remembers: Diversity Day, Casino Night, Booze Cruise.

Daniels mentioned The Job (season 3) and The Injury as some favorite episodes of his.

“You’re trying to get tears and I appreciate it. …I’m saving my tears for Barbara Walters,” joked Krasinski.

“Everything about my life has changed,” he noted. He was a waiter before landing this gig. “The thing I’ll miss most is playing a character that people believe in so much…there some people who think they are Jim, some people are looking for a Jim…”

Memorable Lines from the Conference Call (Great John Krasinski quotes included!)

“I wish I could say I’m professional enough to never look at another camera again… but that’s already been blown.” – John

“They needed someone to tell them it was okay to laugh at everything.” – John, about what Greg told him about Jim looking at the cameras and making faces. In fact, he thought he had a catalog of different quotes that could be labeled as #1, 2, 3 or 4.

“I’ve never been compared to Bugs Bunny and that’s amazing, thank you.” – John Krasinski

“I can’t say for sure that I Was a good waiter…I made people have a good time…. ” – John Krasinski

“I think we owe absolutely everything to the fans.” – John Krasinski

Trivia: John Krasinski once almost had to shave his eyebrow for a Kodak commercial. He’d called his Dad the night before to ask if they would grow back. Luckily, he only had to do a faux hawk.