No, you’re not wrong – the Lost season 6 DVD isn’t out yet. But one of the special features for the DVD is now available in its entirety online. What it is, is a twelve minute feature called “The New Man in Charge.”

Because we must know what the Hurley Bird was all about!

What you get in this epilogue is more Ben, more Hurley and… another familiar face… Walt! All grown up, and in a place Hurley is familiar with. This solves the Lost question “What ever happened to Walt?”

What’s more, you get clues about the polar bears, births on the island, experiments… all sorts of goodies. Lost fans will appreciate the call-back’s to all sorts of things, from numbered bunnies, Room 23, the “Hurley Bird” and  fish biscuits.

It’s a chilling, and sentimental video that you wish lasted longer. As always, there is an excellent performance by Michael Emerson as Ben and Jorge Garcia as a more self-assured Hurley. Malcom David Kelly as Walt is a welcome sight for sore eyes.

You can watch the video here.

Lost season 6 on DVD has a release date of August 24, 2010.