It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen our crew at Lockhart/Gardner. Something about football in the dark and keys that are black. I don’t know, because I’ve completely stopped thinking about things that are not Cary Agos. For everyone who has been complaining there hasn’t been enough Cary on The Good Wife (and I know there are many of you – y’all are wonderfully vocal about it), I hope you enjoyed “Red Team / Blue Team.”


Red Team/Blue Team

Look at them all. So serious. So lawyery. 

This week’s case of the week put Cary (Matt Czuchry) and Alicia (Juliana Margulies) up against Diane (Christine Baranksi) and Will (Josh Charles) in a mock trial. It was glorious. The tension these four bring as their dynamics outside that fake/real courtroom go on a roller coaster ride was a thrill to watch. The case doesn’t really matter in the long run. The point is – don’t drink energy drinks. Energy drinks will kill. (And since I, for no apparent reason, will always associate the actor who played the president of the energy drink company, Colm Feore, as playing, essentially, Death in a Stephen King mini-series, this made sense to me).

So here’s what happened with Alicia, Will, Cary and Diane during the course of the episode:

Diane (and even though he wasn’t in the room, Will) had to agree to rescind the offer of equity partner to all 5 fourth years because David Lee (Zach Grenier) and some of the more crotchety equity partners didn’t want them coming in and taking the cash now that Lockhart/Gardner is firmly in the black.

Cary and Alicia went from flipping through yacht brochures to having clandestine meetings with the until now completely faceless, but still nameless, other fourth years. They remain nameless because no one cares! The plot they weave: having meetings with big names clients to scare the crap out of the partners. It works!

Cary suggests to Alicia they grab the clients that love them, like Bishop, Sweeney and Chub Hub, combine the money they were going to use to buy into L/G and start their own firm. Just so you understand – at this point I almost died from pure joy. Czuchry was in full Logan Huntzberger mode right here and it was glorious. Also, I oddly wanted them to make out. Just me? Moving on… because other people made out….

It was Will and Alicia. They made out. Then she ran away to AN ELEVATOR. I’m sure that didn’t bring up other hot make out with Will memories. In other news – I still ship these two.

The partners did get scared, so they decided to split up those pesky fourth years and offer one partnership. Obviously they chose Alicia because A- her husband may become governor and B- It’s called The Good Wife not The Single Guy (not Jonathan Silverman related) or Nameless Fourth Years Whose Relationship Status Remains Unknown.

Here’s the point of this whole thing – the mock trial was tense. Duh. And Cary and Alicia won. Which means Diane and Will kind of won because they got their evil client to settle.

Over in crazy town, Elsbeth (Carrie Preston) is still perfect. She is working with Eli (Alan Cumming) to help him with his legal troubles. Can I be honest – I’m not entirely sure what his legal troubles were/are. All I know is it is causing more issues at the campaign with Jordan (T.R. Knight). Also Orson Hodge, I mean The Captain, I mean Trey MacDougal, I mean Dale Cooper, I mean Josh Perotti (Kyle MacLachlan) was willing to do really really bad things to make sure that Eli got in a lot of trouble or took down Peter (Chris Noth) to save himself. I mean the guy was almost a little bit of a  sociopath when he messed with Elsbeth’s evidence, right? But Elsbeth, Eli, and even if he didn’t mean to, David LaGuardia (Hamish Linklater) fixed it. I still don’t know what “it” is, but really, I don’t care. More Carrie Preston, please.

This episode was amazing. It was tense, funny, frustrating, and all over the place in the best way possible. I just don’t like that it’s going to lead to a rift between Cary and Alicia. Because if CBS had made “Red Team” shirts, I would have bought it. I know it doesn’t fit with the show, but I wanted them to start their own firm. And I’m worried about what Cary and Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) were whispering about at the end. But worries aside, that episode was a great hour of television (on packed night of great hours of television!).

Hit the comments with what you thought. And all my Cary Agos fanatics, I expect to hear from you!

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