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Who plays young Carrie Bradshaw on The Carrie Diaries?

The petite actress is AnnaSophia Robb. You’ve seen her in movies like the heartbreaking Bridge to Terabithia, Soul Surfer and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She can sing and also has a dance background. Oh, la la!

Who is The Carrie Diaries costume designer?

That’d be Eric Daman, who also worked on Gossip Girl.

What is the song in the earliest The Carrie Diaries trailer?

It’s “Blue Monday” by New Order. But there’s also “Goody Two Shoes” by Adam and the Ants.

Where does Carrie Bradshaw shop?

Etsy, Vintage Shops

Is Interview Magazine a real magazine?

No, it’s fictional. Larissa wouldn’t be employed in the real world, although it’s possible she’d be working at Vogue or InStyle.

Who plays Dorritt Bradshaw?

That’s Stefania Owen. Dorritt is Carrie Bradshaw’s younger sister.  You might recognize her as the friendly Puddle from the canceled Will Arnett and Keri Russell series Running Wilde.

Who plays Tom Bradshaw?

That’s Matt Letscher who plays Tom. Most recently we’ve seen him as Billy Chambers on Scandal.

Who plays Donna LaDonna?

Chloe Bridges plays this rival to Carrie. When she started this role, she was already 20 years old.

Who plays Mouse?

Ellen Wong! And yes, she was in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. And yes, she’s Canadian! Plus, she’s got a great background in martial arts.

Who plays Maggie on The Carrie Diaries?

You’ve spotted Katie Findlay! She’s Canadian like Ellen Wong. But you know Findlay’s face as the deceased Rosie Larsen on The Killing.

Who plays Walt on The Carrie Diaries?

Ah, that’s Brenden Dooling.

Who plays Sebastian Kydd?

Austin Butler is already popular with the Disney Crowd, but we hope he appeals to all.

Who plays Larissa Loughlin?

Freema Agyeman is well known for her role of Martha Jones on Doctor Who. We’ve heard she’s actually highly into high fashion, much like her character.

Who created The Carrie Diaries?

Candace Bushnell wrote the original prequel.

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The Carrie Diaries premieres this winter on The CW, starring Anna Sophia Robb. The executive producers are Miguel Arteta, Candace Bushnell, Len Goldstein, Amy B. Harris, Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz.

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