If you dressed up as a bridal Kate Middleton for Halloween recently, I’m curious what you would think of wearing the Princess Diana version. I’d be okay with the dress, but the wig seems hard to pull off… Anyway, here’s my review of The Carrie Diaries season 1, episode 4!

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The Carrie Diaries Review “Fright Night”

Quick, the confidence dance!

The way AnnaSophia Robb took a witchs hat and ran to hide from Sebastian (parred with that seriously stellar voiceover) really reminded me of the Carrie Bradshaw I loved with SJP – somehow even when vulnerable, Carrie still seems confident/quirky and someone I want to be. No matter what Carrie Bradshaw does or feels, she owns up to it entirely. And I envy that, because I often deny experiencing my emotions. Which, for the record, is not smart on any level.

He was leading man material, but not for Carrie

Much like Carrie, I had an uber crush on Bennett Wilcox right away. He was witty, just verbose enough to be interesting, and handsome. So, like many girls before and after, Carrie and I were to suffer the fate of realizing he wasn’t into girls. Which, of course, isn’t such a terrible fate except in the moment you realize this person you like will never like you in the same way. Unrequited love/crushing/etc, big or small, always burns.

For the curious, Bennett is played by Jake Robinson. And he’s scheduled to be a recurring character in the first season, so hopefully you all love him as much as I do. He has this Sebastian Stan quality where he’s handsome and intimidating (the character was at first, at least) but also seems like he could be a very sweet person. And Robinson conveyed that all in just a few scenes. I call that talent.

The city is a metaphor…

The characters exalted the praises of Manhattan in this episode. The funny thing about me is that I hate big cities, and have no desire to scrape along the streets of the busiest place in the USA. (I’d rather go to a BNB in Vermont, hike and buy some essential oil perfumes or something…) While I understand that Carrie Bradshaw adores Manhattan, and the writers (and E.P. Amy B. Harris) love NYC… I worry that I’m an outsider because I don’t want to get in.  When I think about “the city” as a metaphor for adulthood, or a dream place… then I can get on board. But otherwise, I may be the odd one out here..

Kissing on the sidewalks of Manhattan…

I had wondered if they would show that Walt was gay right away, or have that be a lingering question. But that question was answered right away. And in this episode, Walt had (presumably) his first kiss.  Since we know the character of Bennett will be around, I predict (The Carrie Diaries spoilers!) he’ll have a romantic storyline with Walt.

That dress had to weigh nearly 80 lbs…

Okay, how freakin’ adorable was AnnaSophia in her Halloween costume? Being Princess Diana is so very 80’s, and I bet a lot of girls did this. Show’s how far we’ve come.. now with Kate Middleton and all. The mention of Camilla Parker Bowles was nice, although I have a hard time with what Carrie said about how her costume is “To Di for”… I know that this is before Princess Diana died… it just stuck with me in a bad way.

Quoth the Raven, “In these shoes?”

Now, don’t forget to check out the “Fright Night” Carrie Diaries quotes. The hardest thing about The Carrie Diaries is that there are so many good quotes, especially at the beginning and end of each episode. Not only that, but these memorable quotes are often quite long and sometimes a bit tricky to catch. But you don’t have to sorry, because we provide them for you.

What would you grade this episode? I’d give it an A+, and I swear I’m not biased.