As most everyone else on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills relaxed (or tried to relax) in Hawaii, Taylor Armstrong was in the first days of her divorce from Russell Armstrong. Luckily for her, Dana Wilkey was still in town.

Above: Taylor and Dana in a happier time.

On Monday night’s episode of RHOBH, viewers saw Taylor visit Dana to talk about her divorce. While Wilkey has so far come across as kind of a brown nosing, braggy woman, she proved she could also be a very supportive friend to Taylor.

Armstrong said to Wilkey that she had been the one to leave Russell. (Next week we see Taylor with a black eye and Lisa asks, “Is that what it took you to leave?)

“I have given everything I can. I’ve been to counseling with him, without him. I would have become a completely different person just to be with him,” Armstrong admitted in tears. She added that she needs to learn to be on her own and to, “…discover I’m worth something better than I had.”

Taylor had called Lisa Vanderpump in Hawaii and told Lisa and Kyle Richards that her marriage was over. When Kyle mentioned it to everyone at a dinner, most people didn’t believe it was true. Camille Grammer likened Taylor to the boy who called wolf, saying Taylor had said the same stuff when she’d visited CamilleĀ  in Malibu. And Paul Nassif (Adrienne’s husband) said he gave them two weeks until they were back together.

We know that is not what happened next.

Next week: More on Taylor Armstrong’s black eye