Alsyon Hannigan is a kangaroo!

Alsyon Hannigan is a kangaroo!

Alyson Hannigan was a kangaroo for Halloween. She was trick or treating with husband Alexis Denisof and their baby Satyana.They even had tails, how cute is THAT?

Alyson Hannigan and Baby Kangaroo On HalloweenAlyson Hannigan and Baby Kangaroo On Halloween

Want more celeb halloween costumes 09? Heidi Pratt dressed up as Kate Gosselin while Spencer Pratt was Jon Gosselin. Major points for that!

Christina Aguilera’s halloween costume was  (btw, I can never spell her last name!) a skeleton pirate alongside her son, Max. They stuck to daytime trick-or-treating since at night it can get pretty creepy in L.A. Or so someone told me.

My personal post Halloween detox includes eating instant pudding (it’s like maaagic) and embaressing reality TV show watching. Cheers!