lauren conrad spencer prattIf you thought the days of Spencer and Lauren coming to blows was over, you need to check Twitter. Not that I expect you to follow Pratt’s Twitter account. But this morning I’ve become aware that he was badmouthing Lauren Conrad in a huge way. Once I arrived to his account, where over 73,000 people follow him, I saw he was blasting Lauren Conrad with no less than 14 tweets aimed in her direction.  For a guy who is currently on hiatus from The Hills for mandatory anger management after threatening to kill one of the producers, this seems like a bad side to show to the public.

Spencer’s Tweeting Rampage:

@laurenconrad is it true that you want back to the hills. Nobody cared about you the first round or second. What about your boyfriend u pay?

@laurenconrad isn’t your boyfriend your paying to date you Kyle Howard from Orange county film. That’s cute your both in way from the OC.

@laurenconrad does your boyfriend mr serious actor know that his late night sugar mama boot call is going back to the hills!? Desperate?

@laurenconrad shit has to be hard when your mom looks way better and younger then you. Then again your mom has good doctor you are broken. about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad stop trying to get famous you haven’t been relevant since laguna beach. You need ghost writers pretend you can spell or read. about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad what don’t you do a show abbot you trying to be entertaining? You can’t compete against snookie and situation ha! U are boring about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad you should fire your PR girl Nicole for letting that beefy quote make it in people mag this week of you in the Feud box. about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad the fact you are really trying to get back on tv when younsaid you were done and you just wanted to have your ghost writer about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad just make sure you pack no bikinis for your trip back on the hills. Still sick from photos I saw of u in a gutter 3years ago about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad you haven’t been in the nightlife scene or any with Spencer Pratt in 5years hope you are ready for the super Fun! Love ratings about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad can’t wait to see you for the first time back on camera. When I’m not filming and you are! Rememmber good ole days with drinks about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad Kyle Howard must love beef. Kyle must have dumped your sloppy wannabe ass if your headed back to the hills. Funny shit. about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad dont come back to reality tv your boring and FUGLY. Jeresy shore took any spot that you left open you on MTV moron. LC WHO? about 13 hours ago via mobile web

@laurenconrad is the reason you want back on the hills is because of fame? Not money. You have that. So is it cavallari on TV botheringU