A review of the latest Snooki and JWOWW episode is coming up as soon as I get over the fact that Snooki thinks her baby is pooping inside of her.

snooki and jwoww

Snooki as a preggo is… ignorant, boring

She’s tame. She obviously doesn’t drink… and I feel like maybe we should congratulate her on that. But that’s damning with faint praise. Something that surprised me was that she bumped into a pregnant woman and was asking lots of questions… doesn’t she want to talk to her Mom about this stuff? Hopefully some of her comments are being made just to play up her ignorant TV personality, otherwise I worry for her kid. (“Technically I’m pooping for two people. So when you hold it, you’re backing up your baby’s poop.”

Snooki and Jionni… the deluded sweethearts

This is a weird couple. Who thought she’d marry him? Who thought she’d be so traditional that once he got her pregnant, she’d agree to marry him? (I just watched an episode of Pregnant in Heels where one woman was asking for tips on how to date while she was 7 months pregnant! That was…weird.) They’re both short, and Jionni seems to restrain Snooki a lot from what I’ve seen on Jersey Shore. Not that Snooki couldn’t use some restraint, but you don’t want to be with someone who makes your light shine a little less because they don’t like who you are and you’re trying to mold yourself into someone they’d rather see.

Moreover, after their fighting in Italy… I really thought we’d seen the last of Jionni. He seems like a brat. Which will be interesting, because we know Snooki is a “lovable brat”.

What I can say is that in this episode we saw that Jionni goes to great pains to include JWOWW (“she’s the Godmother) and be polite. In return, Snooki gets defensive about him in a way that shows she really cares about his feelings.

JWOWW and Roger Matthews…oh, the power struggles they must have

I used to think they must have a normal relationship. Turns out, nope. They don’t. After seeing this episode, it’s clear that Rodger is a total jerk. And Jenni is actually very strict and bitchy about her boyfriend. From the hints he frequently drops, it seems like they regularly go months without having sex.

Roger and Jionni Lavalle…hey, at least he’d be good at limbo!

We all get that Jionni is short, but Rodger has decided that bullying him about it is the only thing he wants to do. Repeatedly. Even singing that Oompa Loompa song. It’s disrespectful. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in befriending Snooki or Jionni.

Snooki and JWOWW… still BFF’s forever?

Oddly, I have the least to say about our BFFs here. I haven’t seen JWOWW having to take care of Snooki yet, but I suspect that will soon happen.

JWOWW’s birthday dinner was depressingly dull, the girls made a sex museum boring, and the Ninja restaurant turned them into two old ladies who just wanted to get out of there.

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