Holy divisive issues, Batman.

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Will Leonard and Penny get engaged? Photo:CBS

On ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episode titled “The Hesitation Ramification” something major happened. Fans are flocking to several different theories of thought…all boiling down to just one question. Should Leonard have said yes to Penny’s marriage proposal?

Here are some facts to consider for the Penny and Leonard Engaged Matter


Penny and Leonard are truly in love.
Leonard might as well take advantage of the situation, no matter how the hell it happened.
Raj will be so excited to be the wedding-planner.
Sheldon might have to move in with Amy.


If Leonard says no, Penny might break up with him.
Penny was drunk.
Penny made it seem like Leonard was her only option to feel good about herself.
Again, Penny was drunk.

But, chime in and answer this TV poll for yourself. Do you think Leonard should have said yes to Penny’s proposal?

leonard and penny engaged, the big bang theory, leonard and penny

leonard and penny, the big bang theory


The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 13, CBS

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