Much of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ “The Hesitation Ramification” was deep, heavy, and damn well depressing. (Especially for Lenny shippers, if that’s what they’re called. Leonard/Penny. Peonard?)

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A bright spot was Sheldon deciding to learn how to carefully craft a good joke, the way you’d craft a recipe for the perfect pot roast. (Tell me if you have one. And if you’ll make it for me.)

“A Sandwich, a Rabbi, and Yo Mama walk in to a bar… the Sandwich is promiscuous.” – Sheldon Cooper

If that didn’t tickle your goose feathers, then tell us what your favorite Big Bang Theory quote of the night was. although, I’m not sure how you beat a promiscuous sandwich.

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Raj: Oooh. Mark Harmon. He’s a dreamboat.

Howard: Yeah, well, I fake my orgasms.

Amy: What’s the show?
Penny: Um, NC … II …. Or, you know, NCSTD … I don’t know, it’s the one with all the letters and I’m gonna be on it.

Seriously, what’s your favorite quote of the night?