A drunk Mike makes for funny quotes.

diamond water, asa, shahs of sunset

Shahs of Sunset Quotes

“I’m not ashamed to say it, I have made sex tapes.” – MJ

“Just the sight of my computer made me… (horny)” – MJ

“I like 22k or 24k YELLOW gold.” – Asa (On why “gilver” is no good.)

“I also want to show everybody a big middle finger and say ‘ha ha ha, I’m the richest.'” – Mike Shouhed

“I always have three contenders on hold in case the main one goes wrong.” – GG

“There’s absolutely no shame in my game.” – GG

“High five to my good idea.” – Asa

“MJ is just one cold, Machiavellian, b*tch.” – GG

“Reza, you’re my b*tch. … You can suck my diamond water.” – Mike

“You think I’m crazy like you?” – MJ

“Did you loose your mind and your manners?” – Reza

“I haven’t been to Turkey since I had chicken” – Mike

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