Jason Dohring may, or may not, finally get more than two minutes of screen time on Ringer this week.

While fake Bridget and Andrew get closer and closer, evil twin Siobhan is back in the city spying on them. Is she jealous? And the entire possible rape story between Juliet and her teacher comes to the surface. Anyone even remember where this show was going before the long hiatus?

Ringer “It Just Got Normal” Summary / Synopsis

While the relationship between Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Andrew grows more intimate, Bridget learns about the alleged rape of Juliet leading to a confrontation between her and Mr. Carpenter (Jason Dohring).

Bridget offers to host a fundraiser that her friend Greer (guest star Madchen Amick) is holding for Juliet’s (Zoey Deutch) school and discovers that Greer knew one of Siobhan’s deep dark secrets.

Meanwhile, since the murders of Gemma and Charlie, Siobhan has decided to remain in New York for a while and tries to learn more information about Bridget and her former life. Siobhan discovers that Bridget has settled into her former life more easily than Siobhan expected and she is determined to change that.

Back in Wyoming, Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) interrogates Jimmy and learns some new information, putting Bridget’s cover as Siobhan at risk, and uncovers some news about Malcolm.

Malcolm (Mike Colter) decides to work for Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) at Martin/Charles in order to keep an eye on him.

Jeff Thomas directed the episode written by Cathryn Humphris. Ringer season 1 episode 10.

Original air date: January 31 2012 on The CW