We may have lost (spoiler) but we may have actually gained more of Elizabeth Mitchell. Read about it in this Revolution “The Plague Dogs” Review.

This militia guy doesn’t even seem so evil. Too bad we have to punch him! POW POW. And again with the punching. Hey, could we be less punchy, Miles?

“Every person wants to capture you, kill you, kill us for knowing you…” – Charlie, on how Miles is an engima of fear and shadow and stuff.

In her old life, Maggie used to be so much more of a … I don’t know, a power suit type of woman. Not so nurturing.

“A few tight scrapes,” – Charlie, understating all the trouble she’s had.

Nora is pragmatic and therefore I like her.

No, no, no, animal violence! I don’t care if it’s fake, I cringe and get upset.

If I squint, seeing these horses and torches in the night I can think I’m watching Game of Thrones.

Ha, I just noticed her husband’s name is Ben. LIKE BEN ON LOST. Wheeee.

And now they’re going to torture her? Technically, she and her husband are almost the bad guys because she’s withholding information. How did Ben know the power was going to go out?

Didn’t they say someone was going to die in this episode? Maybe Aaron does have rabies. But I don’t want Zak Orth’s character to die off! Wah. Foot stamping.

Tracy Spiridakos makes “vulnerable face” a lot for this series. Oh, there it is again.

Wow, young Charlie really looks like Spiridakos. Good casting, hair style and jacket choice.

These creeps with the dogs are real…creeps.

Why are they so freaked out by bad weather? Did more happen to the world than just the power going out?

Ooo, King Charles Cavalier. Love them. “Sometimes he wore a sweater.” – Aaron

“No, I walked here from Seattle.” – Maggie

Suddenly Maggie’s backstory is making sense. Her kids are overseas and she can’t get back to England.

“Getting to England is like trying to get to the moon.”

Is it a coincidence we saw “The Wizard of Oz” book earlier? Twister coming?

I would totally go to abandoned amusement parks in this reality. Abandoned places are amazing.

Okay, this is kind of a beautiful scene… with Maggie at the lake all alone, given up, ready to kill herself. Sometimes it just takes one small thing to change your mind about something.

This episode is not doing anything for the goodwill of dogs. We’ve got a German Shepard and a Doberman Pincher…

Hey, did he just stab Maggie? Ow! That’s not called for! Even I know that a severed artery is a big deal.

“He said…I killed his dog.” – Maggie

Not to keep mentioning Lost, but if the people on Lost could manage to feed themselves… come on! Plant a garden, fish, etc! And they have all the materials! I’m not saying it’d be easy, but it’d be very possible. The biggest problem would be the number of people they had to feed.

“That turned out to be a mistake.”

“You’re important kid, more important than you even know.”

If Charlie was smart (we’ve established she isn’t, right?), she would have yelled out “booby traps!” to warn them. Dammit.

That is a cool retro diner.

Oh, frick. This is sad. Maggie, don’t die. No no no. Sad. Sad. Sad. “Maggie, please don’t go.” – Charlie

Charlie, stop making this all about you and how people leave you! Psh.

Why does Monroe think Rachel doesn’t care about her kids? Saying the son’s gonna be there… is the Mom still alive, is that present day? This is confusing. Hmmm.

Anna Lise Phillips, you will be missed. You were amazing.

How are you guys feeling about this show so far?

Revolution was created by Eric Kripke and is produced by J.J. Abrams.

Revolution “The Plague Dogs” Review

Photo Credit: NBC

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