Both intriguing and fun… the survivalist series Revolution couldn’t have picked a better time to premiere than in this post The Hunger Games world.

Live blogging of the Revolution premiere on NBC:

Well, the image of the entire world going dark was cool. But these images also remind me of Heroes. Tim King, where are you? I miss Zachary Quinto!

We pick up 15 years after a blackout. Kids bow hunt now. Hunger Games shout-out! People have repurposed old cars into gardens. It’s very cool, except for the whole “you can’t blow dry your hair” part… But I very much like the idea of everyone connecting with nature again, and disconnecting from technology a little bit more. It’s a very timely topic.

The show reminds me of lost, and not just because Elizabeth Mitchell is in it.

They basically have to rely on vodoo doctors for medicine. And… a curly blonde Australian woman? Ker-blink, is that Claire Littleton? No. But someone’s doing a great impression of Emilie de Ravin. J.J. Abrams is doing this show, you know…

Wah, Elizabeth Mitchell’s character is dead already?!

Tracy Spiridakos plays Charlie (omg, how will I ever spell her last name?), and she looks a little bit like like Kayla Ewell from The Vampire Diaries. Who agrees?

I’m definitely curious about the flash drive in the silver pendant.

Oh, it’s like Robin Hood with sheriffs and taxes! And we’ve got definite bad guys on the premises. If someone came looking for me, I’d probably just lie about my name, though…

What does “conscript” mean? Nothing good. Jerky bad guy!

Someone is gonna get shot.

Abandoned Ferris wheel! So cool. I want to explore this land! Okay, while I was thinking about that a WHOLE lot of people got killed. This is gonna be like Roanoke or something! But, no, they didn’t kill the entire town…at least.

Charlie has just been given a huge burden. I mean, her Dad is dead, her brother is kidnapped, and her entire world is in upheaval. And now she’s gotta travel and try to fix the whole world. And it’s only Monday!

EVERYONE DIES IN THIS SHOW. Hey, cool pilot idea: Introduce characters and then kill them all off before the pilot ends. But, obviously, have it be a plot-based show where you can then pick up with a whole new “real” cast for the second episode.

I don’t dislike J.J.. Abrams, but I suddenly have the urge to ask why Joss Whedon isn’t the one in charge here. Seeing this gang go off reminds me a lot of the Dollhouse episodes “Epitaph” and “Epitaph 2.” (I just had a sudden pang for more Felicia Day in my life.)

Here’s that commercial where the Dad and daughter connect online with webchats while she brushes her teeth and stuff. It’s for Google Chrome. Let me tell you, you’re lucky to get kids in college to even get on the phone with you while they’re headed to class, let alone go Skype with you. That is just not reality. I mean, it’d be reality for Victoria Henley from ANTM College Edition.. but she goes to an online university from home, anyway.

NBC is also hyping up The New Normal and Go On. I find the first a bit stereotypical, the later a solid comedy.

Don’t blame him for his Dad being dead! This guy is a fighter, I hope he busts outta that mess.

Charlie has a pretty cool outfit, it’s ideal for the whole “on the run” gig.

Life in this world is like perpetual camping.

Charlie hearts Nate.

Wow, he’s doing a great job of keeping that pendant a secret. Just wave it around and say “hey scary guys, are you looking for THIS?”

If this world is so scary, children like Charlie should have been prepared rather than sheltered.

Listen, it’s no big deal. I also owned an airplane, once. Fisher Price.

Charmin product placement. A highly endorsed one, too. He’d trade 80 million for a roll of that specific toilet paper, huh?

HEY BATTA BATTA (batter batter?)


Oooh, she poisoned her “whiskey”, that is so freaking smart!

I guess I’d trust Nate… maybe.

Chicago is like a medieval village now. Peasants!

Awww, he got married there? Where’s his wife now? PROBABLY DEAD BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DEAD ON REVOLUTION, just saying… ahem. Death is a theme, here.

Hey, Eric Kripke created this show? OH, hey. I’m catching up on IMDB real quick. The Australian blonde is Anna Lise Phillips.

Graham Rogers aka Danny has a young Hunter Parrish vibe to him.

Zak Orth reminds me of an actor from Mad Men, but he’s actually from Wet Hot American Summer with Michael Showalter! Uh, hell yea. Did you guys SEE that movie? I saw it maybe 5 times.

J.D. Pardo aka Nate… I think he’s old enough for me to say that I think he’s handsome.

How did Charlie’s Mom die, do you think? That’s something I wanna know.

Oh, hi, creepy militia at my door! I’d lie, too.

Man, she coulda yelled out to warn him!

NATE REALLY IS A BAD GUY? Well, I guess I’m as easily fooled as Charlie.

Time for sword fighting. Hell yea. ON A GRAND STAIRCASE. Because that’s how you do it. That’s how I do it! (Don’t you dare say I am not good at sword fighting when I’ve played that on the Wii over 5 times!) Swish, swish! (That is the sound of swords.) Clang, clang! (That is the sound of a trolley, that does not belong.)

Charlie is one hell of a shot. Go girl, gooooo! Hey, I FINALLY get the simplistic meaning behind “you go, girl!” I mean, it’s twofold in meaning… anyway!

I want to know how much Billy Burke enjoys sword fighting in his off-time, now.

Of course he’s coming, you just saved his life. PLOT: UNFOLDS.

“We’re all going to end up with our heads on a stick, but you’re welcome.”

The dead parents make me sad.

FLASHBACK! I enjoy flashbacks.

It’s like the wild west. Those are saloon doors!

Horses are awesome and I want to travel on them.

Monroe is evil, but why/when did he turn on Miles?

Savior woman from earlier has a secret… she has a pendant. And Dial-Up. By “it” do you think they were asking about the pendant? I can’t imagine anything more important than power, when there is no power.

Okay, I’m SO in for the next episode of Revolution.

Revolution will be new next Monday on 10 pm EST after The Voice. (Which we are also recapping!)

Revolution Pilot Review / Revolution Premiere Review. Photo: NBC

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