Help me weigh the blurry pros and cons of continuing to watch NBC’s Revolution. (First world problems, I know.)

Right now, I’m still watching Revolution without being fully committed. Here are the reasons I watch:

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  1. It reminds me of Lost and Heroes, both of which I miss dearly.
  2. It airs directly after The Voice, and after two hours of lusting after Adam Levine and his arms, cracking up over how damn cool Cee Lo Green is, how unpredictably cray cray Christina Aguilera is (way more likeable than Britney Spears), and how much fun the opinionated Blake Shelton is… I’m usually out of energy to do much more than complain to my cats about how I’m out of Coke Zero.
  3. I live blogged the first two episodes of Revolution, so I feel compelled to keep going. I’m loyal!
  4. I’m hoping it’ll suddenly get awesome, and I don’t wanna fall behind. With so many shows to juggle, these are the kind of risks I have to weigh. For instance, I let someone tell me American Horror Story was too disgusting to watch, and while everyone else got addicted I kept thinking it was missable. (Now, I realize I’m wrong and need to get a hold of the first season on DVD soon. Don’t get me wrong, I have a weak stomach and probably will dry heave a few times at anything scarier than what True Blood offers up on my screen.)
  5. I really love the idea of bonds between people. You might not know your own family at all. More than that, there’s a lot of mythology between people who used to know each other and lost touch.
  6. It’s the Scooby Gang effect. A show like this is all about not having to be the biggest threat, or the majority rule.. it’s about being small and determined and smart. As an underdog/outsider/nerd I relate to this. It’s basically the story of any sort of superhero or heroine of any sort. We all want to believe we’re special and can change the world. I’m sure even my cats (who sleep ALL the time) think this of themselves. We’re all crazy… and special, dammit!
  7. Even if I don’t yet love all the characters, there are plenty of actors I like, such as Billy Burke, Zak Orth, Giancarlo Esposito, Elizabeth Mitchell, David Lyons and Anna Lise Phillips. (I do enjoy Aaron, Maggie and Nora a lot as characters.)
  8. Eric Kripke.

Here are reasons I don’t love Revolution:

  1. There are plenty of predictable moments. Of course Nora stayed for a baby. Some things just seem so formulaic.
  2. I already watch The Walking Dead. Although the premise for each show is different, there are so many similarities about people in a brave new world that they’re actually almost the same. Except The Walking Dead is 500% better than Revolution… And sure, that’s probably because they’re on cable. Revolution is like a watered down version of that series.
  3. I already worked through my “YAY The Hunger Games! I wanna learn to shoot a bow and arrow!” phase.
  4. The main character, Charlie, is a perfect little mary-sue and therefore hopelessly unlikeable. I can’t like someone who’s boring and perfect! Why do you think I didn’t care much about Emmy Rossum’s image until I saw her acting flawed and real on Shameless?
  5. There’s just so many other great shows on that I need to keep up with! Will this make the cut? I stuck with Smash, and I regret that. Aside from Christian Borle’s presence, that show does nothing for me.

According to the math, I’ll keep watching. But what do you think I should do, despite the numbers?

Photo Credit of Tracy Spiridakos by NBC. Revolution Season 1 Episode 3. “No Quarter”

Revolution airs Mondays at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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