“Sacrifice” is easily the best episode of the entire Revenge series, with the body count continuing to rise… just as we knew it would.

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Revenge Recap – Season 2 Episode 14, “Sacrifice”

Victoria takes charge – as usual
Having shot and killed Helen Crowley, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) looks on with what appears to be a sense of achievement as Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Conrad (Henry Czerny) try to dispose of the body by rolling it in a rug. Just then Helen’s phone rings with a text message from her chauffeur who had been waiting outside Grayson Manor patiently all this time. Victoria decides to take advantage of the situation by putting on Helen’s clothes and getting into her car, pretending to be Helen. The morning after her cold-blooded murder, Victoria goes back to business as usual, preparing for the Graysons’ annual Memorial Day party. Daniel cannot believe his parents can be so cool about the situation but remembers that his parents are old hands at this and wonder how they are going to explain Helen’s disappearance when the Initiative eventually realize what’s happened. As expected, Conrad and Victoria plan to throw Amanda (Margarita Levieva) to the wolves.

Conrad makes a public announcement
Conrad summons Ashley (Ashley Madekwe), his new publicist, to the house to say he is moving up his announcement to run for office at the party, a decidedly small affair compared to the last Memorial Day party. Of course, no big announcement is ever made without fanfare, and Victoria convinces beloved daughter, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) to attend the affair, despite the fact she has legally renounced her Grayson name. And so, looking every bit like a tight-knit family, Conrad announces to a well-fed and well-dressed crowd that he plans to be their next Governator.

Ashley – friend or foe?
Ashley, who only a short while ago was cozying up to Daniel in her desperate and shameless climb up the social ladder, is now barely acknowledged as a presence by her former beau. It seems every time she gets a bit of dirt on the Graysons, she only gets a little bit of it – she knows Amanda tried to blackmail Conrad with something she has on a laptop but she doesn’t know what is on it. Conrad tells her she needs to do whatever she can to make sure Amanda does not interfere with his campaign. Whether she has grown a conscience or she thinks she can buy her way back in with former friend Emily (Emily VanCamp), Ashley pays a visit to Emily to warn her that Amanda could be in danger.

Jack + Amanda + Nate = Dead Calm
They had a beautiful wedding on the beach and even their first night as husband and wife started so well that Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda were blissfully unaware there is a third person who has been hiding below deck with them all that time. By morning, Nate (Michael Trucco) has had enough of hiding in the closet and emerges with a gun pointed at Amanda. He is upset that Jack has ruined his plans to get rich. Unfortunately, when Nate talks to Conrad again, Conrad convinces him that it is Amanda who is the one behind the ruination of Nate’s dreams – and so, Amanda has literally two bull’s-eyes on her back, thanks to Conrad.

Padma is brought into the circle of trust
Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) is finally brought into Emily’s inner-circle of allies along with Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Aiden (Barry Sloane). After admitting to Nolan that the Initiative has kidnapped her father, Emily is, at first, reluctant to trust her, and Nolan, having serious feelings for her, wants to keep her out of their plans. But Aiden convinces them that Padma is already in deep, and so they use her to call Helen (leaving a voicemail since, as we know, Helen is dead), demanding proof of life before she would continue to help them get the Carrion program from Nolan. When a new mystery man, Trask (Burn Gorman), calls instead of Helen, he has sent her a small package, presumably containing one of her father’s finger/s: “you can check the fingerprints if you like.”

Amanda tells Jack the truth…sort of
In an attempt to divert Nate’s attention from shooting Jack, Amanda tells Nate (totally within Jack’s earshot) that she only got involved with Jack to stay around the Hamptons long enough to collect evidence against the Graysons for her father being wrongly convicted and imprisoned. She tries to convince him that Conrad is not to be trusted. Unfortunately, Nate is not as easy to convince as he is to distract and Jack’s escape plan does not go as well as he would have liked. Jack manages to launch the life raft (which, for an inflatable, actually also has an outboard motor?) but does not manage to get in without getting shot first. Amanda decides she needs to stay onboard to keep Nate from going after him – I wish she had got on the raft…

Emily and Nolan to the rescue
Following the signal from Nate’s last phone call, Emily and Nolan immediately found themselves a speed boat to go in hot pursuit of The Amanda to save the honeymooners. They finally find the life raft but Jack is alone and bleeding profusely. Emily convinces Nolan to take Jack back to shore and take him to hospital while she takes the raft and go back to save Amanda, and not a moment too soon. Amanda had punched a hole in the bottom of the boat so that it is starting to sink. She is wrestling with Nate as Emily climbs aboard and surprises him with his karate skills. Amanda shoots Nate but, in the end, he dies by his own hand…

Farewell Amanda
As Emily and Amanda are climbing onto the raft to escape from Nate, Amanda suddenly remembers she has left her necklace on the boat and climbs back to retrieve it – just in time to see Nate, still alive and holding his lighter in his hand, flick the lighter, sparking an explosion from the busted gas tank on the boat. Amanda is seriously hurt as Emily tries desperately to cling on to her soul-sister, the girl whose life she had switched with to become Emily Thorne so that she could pursue her path of revenge. With her dying breath, Amanda makes Emily promise that Jack will be OK and that she will look after baby Carl. Emily apologizes but Amanda thanks her for giving her something she never thought she would have – a real family. Emily tearfully tells Amanda she loves her. With a broken heart, Emily finally lets Amanda slip from her arms and fires off the flare.

Will Jack make it through surgery? Assuming the answer is yes, what will he make of the story Amanda told Nate of her looking for revenge? Will he remember it at all when he recovers? How will Emily and Nolan explain how they found Jack? What will Daniel do now that he knows his mother is truly a cold-blooded killer? Will Ashley ever put all the pieces together and realize just how much she knows about the Graysons and their parts in murder and mayhem? Will Amanda’s death make Emily even more resolute in taking down the Graysons?

When Amanda first appeared, I was not sure I liked her but she quickly grew on me. And now I mourn with Emily. Her death and Emily’s sadness brought tears to my eyes. Did her death come as a surprise to you? Leave me your comments!

Written by Valerie Leung. To discuss these questions and more, follow her on Twitter @valshopaholic and read her blog LibragirlRules.com.