It was the return of an old friend…the red sharpie!

revenge allegiance

Revenge is a team sport. Sometimes, to gain victory, you have to form an alliance with your enemies. But you can never be too careful about where their allegiance lies. No matter what the twists and turns are in the Hamptons, Emily Thorne knows she can always count on her red Sharpie because it will never have its own motives.

Who is Oscar Chapman?

Last week, we discovered that Oscar Chapman, the journalist who worked for Pascale during the David Clarke trial who may have information on Aiden’s father’s involvement in the terrorist bombing of Flight 197, had faked his own death after Trevor Mathis’ “suicide”. With a little hacking, Nolan was able to trace Chapman’s money to a “Brenda Evans”, now living in New York. Nolan and Aiden make a trip to the Big Apple, track down Ms Evans, only to find out that she is actually Oscar in disguise. Once our Dynamic Duo revealed their identities, Oscar explained that Trevor had contacted him after realizing he had been duped into planting the bomb on the plane, wanting to come clean with his side of the story and to confess. Unfortunately, Oscar brought his story to Pascale, who then made sure Trevor was permanently silenced in order to make sure the truth was never told.  When Trevor failed to meet Oscar as planned, he knew he was in danger and faked his own death. For the past twenty years, he had been living in fear of being discovered, hence the disguise as Brenda Evans. But now he’s been found out…which means, fake death = real death.

Conrad continues with his devious plans

As smart as Pascale LeMarchal is supposed to be, he has so far been nothing but the pawn being manipulated this way and that by Conrad. Let’s take a look at the scorecard so far:

1st point to Conrad – “sold” his ex-wife, Victoria, to Pascale as his price for getting a piece of the LeMarchal media empire;

2nd point to Conrad – told Pascale where Oscar had been hiding so that Pascale could shut him up forever (do billionaires really do their own dirty work? I suppose Victoria’s been guilty of killing someone in her own pool house – boy do these two make a perfect pair!);

3rd point to Conrad – implied to Victoria that Pascale profited from framing David Clarke for the bombing;

4th point to Conrad – talked potential business partner out of dealing with him because of his plans to pass on his business to errant son Gideon, so he decides to pass on his empire to Margaux instead, who is clearly going to be an easier pawn for Conrad to handle than Pascale;

TBC – Pascale tells Conrad he has recordings of all their conversations from 1993 where they discussed Flight 197 and that, although those recordings would also implicate Pascale should they ever become public, he believed that with his media empire at his disposal and the fact that he controlled the information, that he would also be able to control its use. Personally, I’m not so sure about that. Why show your hand so early, Pascale?

There’s an app for that

I’m sure I am missing something here but the app that former jailbird and now Charlotte’s current lovebird, Javier, developed, is meant to help businesses target their customers with what they want based on their digital footprint, right? Is it not bad enough that my browser and newsfeeds are already flooded with mindless advertising because they allegedly use my search history and shopping habits to bombard me with more stuff that I don’t need? So, apparently, the app that Javier has developed is going to change the world and make a lot of money for whoever he ends up partnering with. Great! Get the man off his tracking anklet and give him a McLaren! (By the way, how does Daniel suddenly have all these high-ranking connections where he can just call the Interpol or the parole board to help out his “friends”? Where were these connections when he was arrested for murder not that long ago?)

Spoiled little rich kids

After Amanda’s death, Charlotte stepped up and helped Jack and Declan look after baby Carl, and I thought maybe there is a part of David Clarke in her after all and she won’t keep disappointing me week in and week out. But then Declan died and she returned, for the most part, to her spoiled little rich girl way. Sadly, nothing has changed. Despite her protestations that she does not approve of whatever her brother is trying to do to destroy her former bestie, Emily (who is actually her real half-sister), she has done nothing but to aid and abet Daniel’s evil plans, which now includes making an enemy of Nolan by taking away his protégé, Javier. Sadly, Daniel does not have half the cunning as his parents although fortunately for him, Margaux is too blinded by her own ambition to heed every warning sign being thrown her way to stay away from him.

Luke Gilliam – the would-be David Clarke

Fancy meeting an old foe at the races when you least expect it! Welcome back to the Hamptons, Luke Gilliam, recipient of an award for his innovative green technology, which apparently isn’t really that clean. When Aiden asked Emily why she had never known about Luke Gilliam, she replied that her father had never mentioned him in his journals. As it turned out, Luke was supposed to be the fall-guy that David became. But he realized the truth and managed to gather enough evidence against the Graysons for Conrad to buy his silence…or so he thought. After witnessing a confrontation between Victoria and Luke, Emily decides her red Sharpie has found its new mark. With a little help from Jack, Emily charms her way to Luke, offering to help him manage his public image now that she is divorced and in need of a job (did people forget she had her own fortune before she married Daniel?). At the same time, she also finds out that Luke carries around vials of a liquid he claims to be what his company uses to extract gas from the ground – a compound so safe, in fact, that he can drink it himself. Now isn’t that just asking for trouble? Emily replaces that little vial of gelatin and saline with a little of her own blend of poison and watches on as he gulps one down at his award presentation ceremony. Suffice to say the award was not going to end up on Luke’s mantelpiece.

Never mess with Nolan Ross

By luring Javier away from Nolan, Daniel believes he is hitting Emily’s Achilles heel (i.e. Nolan). Bet he didn’t count on nerd-king Nolan to turn up at his house, dressed in cat-burglar black, armed with his tablet and blowing up the lights above his head. People really should think twice before they mess with Nolan and now he is declaring war on Daniel. If the Grayson kids were smart (which they’re not really), they should probably scuttle quickly and let Javier go back to Nolan. However, I am looking forward to seeing more of Nolan’s badassery because no-one beats Nolan Ross!

What will Aiden do?

As much as Aiden hates the Graysons, right now, he hates Pascale more for his part in his father’s death. Having believed for twenty years that his father had committed suicide from the pressure and guilt over his part in the bombing of Flight 197, he now knows that Trevor was murdered. With Oscar now also dead (thanks for spreading the news, Conrad), his hopes of revenge against Pascale have been greatly reduced. So why does Conrad want to ally himself with Aiden? To use his skills as a thief, of course! Conrad points out they have a mutual enemy in Pascale. He wants Aiden to help him steal back the recordings and I am sure he will help Aiden send Pascale to meet his maker in exchange. Sweet deal? Perhaps. But what will this mean for Emily?

Red Sharpie versus Black Sharpie

Victoria has been gradually coming closer to finding out Emily’s motives for getting closer to her family since she first turned up in the Hamptons. Emily may have spent more than a year crossing off the executives who worked for Grayson Global at the time of her father’s trial with her red Sharpie, Victoria has finally seen the pattern. Using her own black Sharpie, it turned out it was Victoria who lured Luke Gilliam back to the Hamptons (under the guise of the eco award) to see how Emily would take him down. As she crossed out Luke’s face from the Grayson Global party photo which had been Emily’s guide, she finally spots a pattern: Emily is not simply out to get the Graysons. She is out for revenge for David Clarke!

What do you think Victoria will do now that she has worked out Emily’s motives? Will she figure out her true identity? What will Nolan do to Daniel now that they are officially at war? Will Aiden agree to help Conrad? If so, will he tell Emily, and if not, what will Conrad do to him? Will Javier see through Daniel’s motives and stay with Nolan or will he listen to Charlotte telling him to be the next Nolan Ross?

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Photo: ABC. Written by Valerie Leung. Share your Revenge theories with her on Twitter (@valshopaholic) and read her blog