This man has moves.

This man has moves. And he has been targeted!

I am usually amused by Rainn Wilson’s tweets, but I was especially fond his tweets TODAY. They involved sandwiches. Nomnomnom. Except these sandwiches didn’t just have an agenda to fill his tummy. Uh, they came onto him!  Sexual harassment by sandwiches is a new one. That is, unless you’re counting the people who wear giant sandwich costumes. I mean, who HASN’T been assaulted by those? (Okay, I haven’t…but a girl can dream.) Anyway, here are the tweets.

rainnwilson Dear Subway, do Two milimeter-thin micro slices by definition make it a ‘turkey sub’? Or is it a veggie sub w/ a dash of essence of turkey?

rainnwilson I don’t DM talking sandwiches. RT @Subwayfreshbuzz DM me some details and we can discuss turkey measurements.

rainnwilson Sandwiches r stalking me! RT @Quiznostoaster Measure my turkey vs. the”veggie” you got! Betcha mine’s bigger. Mmmmm…Bacon (& turkey).

rainnwilson RT @kylemashburn Ur the chosen one. The 1 who gets to decide between Subways veggie subs w/hints of meat or Quiznos homoerotic talking oven.

rainnwilson @subwayfreshbuzz Would it be innappropriate to request a sandwich made of Jareds roasted, blotchy flesh? Footlong on wheat, cheddar, olives.

Subway or Quiznos, which way do you vote? Sound off in the comments! (I pick Quiznos.)

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