Do you think “poor me” Meredith is on the “A” team? And what about Toby in this episode? I thought he liked Emily! Let’s get into it all. Here’s my Pretty Little Liars review of season 3, episode episode 15, titled “Mona-Mania.”

Pretty Little Liars Review – “Mona-Mania”

To chase or not to chase

The girls ran into who they think is A, and they didn’t chase them? Come on, where’s your Nancy Drew gumption? Veronica Mars? Would any reference work on you? And I know that in the woods I nag on Emily for chasing, but she was in the WOODS, alone, in the DARK. It’s different. It’s about when you have the upper hand, or not.


On the party front, I have to agree with Paige over Emily. An isolated teenage party in dense woods? Sign you up? I don’t think so! I thought it was dumb to get out of the car, but I especially think that it was dumb to take a walk in the dark, car unlocked, no discernible lights. they were practically begging someone to mess with them. When someone slashed their tires, I wasn’t surprised. That it was TOBY? Yea, color me shocked… jaw-agape shocked, in fact. I thought Toby liked Emily? And he had to go that far to scare Emily and Paige? Tires aren’t inexpensive, fool!

Daddy dearest

Mr. Montgomery has never been so damn creepy. I know that the show is purposefully baiting us to suspect him of evildoing, and damn if I don’t believe it.

Aria ignoring her Dad seems totally warranted. He was protecting the women he had an affair with, which is gross.

In fact, both Meredith and Aria think he’s so creepy they’ve managed to bond over their fear. That makes me cringe. Also, Meredith had plenty of reasons to hate Ali that we already know about, is it possible she’s on the A team? After all, the team is mostly people who loathed Ali. It makes sense.

aria montgomery


I like this new guy that’s appeared, and I definitely hope she drops tire-slashing Toby. (He did that to Emily!) The idea that Mona could beat Spencer in a battle of smarts is laughable. Even if she had studied all night long, she could not have known as much as Spencer.

Pretty Little Liars fashion

My high point of this episode is oen that probably perplexed others. When Aria went to meet Meredith (Amanda Schull … Can I PLEASE get all your hair secrets?), she put on a little capelet sort of thing. It only covered her arms. But it was super cute. My low point is a toss up, and I’m not really offended by either of these. Hanna’s gothic/asian outfit involved some very long earrings and a high neck collar. I think if her hair and been pulled up/back this would have helped the balance. Later, Spencer competing against Mona and wore a blue blazer, white shirt and brooch. This was a touch nerdy and I didn’t love it entirely. All in all, great job to costume designer Mandi Line.

What would you grade this episode of Pretty Little Liars? Don’t forget to meet me here next week for another #PLL review.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 15 “Mona-Mania” Review | Photo Credit: ABC Family