Greek on ABC Family

Greek on ABC Family, my favorite TV OBSESSION!

It’s time to vote for the People’s Choice award nominations. For each category you can vote a little check mark next to five different choices. That is a LOT of options and there are way too many categories. Forget about just sitting through the awards show, I can hardly make myself vote for most of these categories. I’m focusing on TV, of course. Come along with me as I wade through the inferior choices and pick my favorite’s!

Favorite Competition Show? Project Runway is my FAVORITE, and America’s Next Top Model is a guilty pleasure that I feel guilty even voting for. I have a feeling Celebrity Apprentice will do well and that makes me a little annoyed at the world. Stupid world.

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy show? I’m voting for Dollhouse even though I think Dollhouse could be better than it currently is.  I mean, everyone was going nuts over Joss Whedon directing an upcoming episode of Glee, but he can’t get viewers for his own show? People are obviously fans of him now, but they won’t watch Dollhouse. What does that SAY? Anyway, I still think it’s one of the best listed. Supernatural also gets a tick from me, along with Heroes, Lost and True Blood.

Favorite TV Comedy? 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and The Office are automatic picks. I pick these as easily as I reach for my morning (perfectly chilled to an almost frozen state) Diet Coke. But what should my fifth check be? Chuck is the obvious choice as an underdog, but I honestly don’t watch that show right now. I vote The New Adventures of Old Christine as I sometimes watch it and it makes me laugh.

Favorite TV Comedy Actor? Neil Patrick Harris, baby! Steve Carell, Jim Parsons and Alec Baldwin are some other choices I like. Charlie Sheen? He just annoys me! Zachary Levi gets my final pick because he’s great even if I don’t watch Chuck right now.

Favorite TV Comedy Actress? Okay, this might be a toughie… Amy Poehler is great but her show is kind of a dud… Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig are for sure in my book. Julia-Louis Dreyfus, too. If Tina Fey doesn’t win I am STRIKING. Just kidding. I love my TV too much to strike from it. TV, don’t look at me like that! …FINE, I’m cheating on you ANYWAY with

Zachary Quinto knows he's attractive.

Zachary Quinto knows he's attractive.

Favorite TV Drama? House is my main pick. (I really hope Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t win this thing.) It’s no surprise, then that I pick Hugh Laurie for favorite TV Drama Actor. But ah! Zachary Quinto, too. For a lot of these categories I cannot pick one clear winner that I WANT to win, but here I want them both to win!

Favorite TV Drama Actress has way too much variation, from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Blake Lively to Glenn Close. I don’t want to live in a world where Blake Lively could beat out Glenn Close. I just don’t. My vote? Kyra Sedgwick.

Favorite TV Obsession? Oooooh. While everyone will vote Mad Men, I’m voting Greek on ABC Family!

And then there’s music and I don’t do much there except vote for ‘On a Boat’ and U2. AND I’M DONE. Exhausted. And wishing I had a muffin. Voting is a very life-affirming therapeutic tool. It makes me feel like I’m more in control of my feelings than I actually am. Go vote your little hearts out.