Pauly D always seems to have a stalker in Seaside. For season 5 of Jersey Shore, her name is Vanessa Sky Ellis. And she’s creeping us out. Majorly.

The girl doesn’t talk a lot, but she has several unusual characteristics. She (duh) is always following Pauly, silently watching him while he’s working and at clubs. She wears fan clothing that mimics his (Cabs are here shirt, PAULY D homemade baseball cap, TEAM DJ Pauly D.) She carries not just a purse, but a bag at all times.

Pauly and JWoww joke that she’s got something in the bag that he’s going to get killed with, but when Jenni approached and asked, Vanessa said she only had a blanket inside. And it’s possibler she was using it as a beach bag, sure. …However she’s still creepy.

From Vanessa’s Facebook, you can see she loves stalking celebrities. She even calls herself a stalker in comments. Aside from Pauly D, she’s obsessed with other celebrities like Cher, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp.

In pictures that she’s posted, Vanessa likes to wait outside the Shore Store for Pauly, and even go on rides that let her look down on his Shore house. Creepy.

Vanessa’s Facebook

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