Time to get our Parks and Rec on! And who does Halloween better than our Pawnee friends?

Am I interrupting something important? – Dianne
Impossible, I work for the government. – Ron Swanson Quotes

Andy is like Ron’s son. His …five-year-old son.

But it’s a scary hoarders nightmare mess. His words. And Ann’s. – Leslie Knope Quotes

Martha, I want to lease this house. – Leslie Knope Quotes

I am coming dressed as my biggest fear.

Gone, but never forgotten. Who was that?

I was gonna get a chicken parm and watch Blade Runner. – Ben Wyatt Quotes

Tree. Leaves. Night. Sky. Hand. Andy’s Hand. What else you got? – Andy Dwyer Quotes

Death Canoe 4! “In the fifth one, the canoe is actually the hero.” – Donna Meagle Quotes

“Florida. They have sharks in Floria. And swamps. They have shark swaps. – Leslie Knope Quotes
You mean alligators?” – Ben Wyatt Quotes

I just wanna hear the doctor say that Jerry had a Fart Attack. – Tom Haverford Quotes

Once I sprained my wrist and they claimed that having a wrist was a pre-existing condition. – Leslie Knope Quotes

Good Table: $500.00 – Ron Swanson

Ron and April, together again!

Anne and her ex-boyfriends boxes… oh man. Shut up, maybe I can relate a little. I love how this was brought up in an earlier episode… Anne Perkins: AP robe, TREAT YO SELF.

The thing about me is, I’m Perd Hapley!

I’m live tweeting this dumbass conversation. – Donna Meagle Quotes

Tom and the Scorpion jacket, ahahaa. THAT HE ADDED HIMSELF.

It wasn’t even a real tiara for God’s sake. – Ron Swanson Quotes

Rufus the Dog’s autograph? Yea, I need it!

Don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m definitely not thinking it. – Anne Perkins Quotes

Like all houses in the world, there’s no trampoline room. – Realtor

Three out of four couples have met each other at spontaneous auctions. – Leslie Knope Quotes

I wouldn’t sell her to that day, though. Just one man’s opinion.

“What are you gonna do to her?” – Leslie Knope Quotes

I am going to bid a million dollar son myself. Going once, going never. Sold! – Ann Perkins Quotes

Tom is gonna rent the jacket, and that’s sweet. Wow… he just invented a business. Rent a Swag

Tonight’s Strawberry Jello- night! – Jerry
I’ve never known anyone more depressing. – Leslie Knope Quotes

Hello Diana. I have brought you flowers. And some chocolates. And some grout cleaner. I noticed you needed grout cleaner, so I brought that, too. – Ron Swanson Quotes

Ben! He has arrived!

“I’m thinking about my future.” – Ben Wyatt

“I am deeply, ridiculously in love with you. And above everything else. I wanna be with you forever.” – Ben Wyatt Proposal

Only Leslie would interrupt her own marriage proposal!

“What are you doing? … Oh, my God, what are you doing?” – Leslie Knope Quotes

“I need to remember every little thing about how perfect my life is right now.” – Parks and Recreation Halloween Surprise Quotes

“Leslie Knope. Will you -” – Ben Wyatt
“Yes!” – Leslie Knope
“Marry me?” – Ben Wyatt Proposal
“Oh, yea!”

Leslie Knope is ENGAGED.

BEN WYATT PROPOSED. (That’s how it works, I guess!)

Ron is so nice. A roll of cookie dough, accept!

So, let’s talk about Leslie Knope’s Engagement Ring. Was it a sterling silver bow? Ben always presents things to Leslie in a red box like that. Like with the Knope campaign button.

Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 5 | Photo Credit: Tyler Golden and Danny Feld for NBC | Parks and Recreation Quotes Halloween Surprise