Once Upon a Time gave us a proper dragon to slay in “The Shepard.” And it was truly a Shepard in Princely clothing who did the slaying!

Once Upon a Time Review “The Shepard”

What we learned about Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) in the season 3 episode “Snow Falls” made this the perfect companion episode. The events of “The Shepard” led us right to the flashback we witnessed in “Snow Falls.” We now know why Prince James was so intent on having the ring that Snow stole returned to him. His Mother’s words about how “true love follows this ring wherever it goes” proved to be very true indeed.

We also learned more about Kathryn Nolan (Anastasia Griffith) in Storybrooke and her Fairytale self, Abigail – daughter to King Midas (Alex Zahara.) In Storybrooke she’s a much more likeable person.

Speaking of Midas, he is able to turn anything to gold with his hand. But it seems like Midas gold could have been considered lesser than other gold at the time, treated almost like a fake designer bag. When it comes to gemstones you can find real gemstones which have imperfections, or you can buy lab created gems like lab rubies, lab opals, etc. These are grown to be perfect, but despite that, they are fake and always less expensive than the real thing.

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Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) wanted a magic wand that a fairy godmother had, and we saw him destroy the fairy and get the wand in the earlier Cinderella episode. It seems that the King helped Rumple get it.

Who didn’t feel pain for Mary Margaret in this episode? She tried to stay good and follow the rules, but she kept being led in the direction of David. When he finally said he’d left his wife, she then finally admitted to herself how much she did want to be with him. He showed up to meet her, only to tell her that he’d essentially changed his mind. Just as in Fairytale Land, Charming/David/James feels duty bound to obligation.

Regina was up to no good, finding ways to manipulate everyone with her evil dark lipstick and none too thinly veiled threats. We also learned that she has lost someone who is not coming back. Could it be that she was in love with the actual Prince James that was killed off? Who did the Queen lose? And could be this why she hates Snow?

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) covered a late shift for Sheriff Graham (Jaime Dornan), only to discover that he is sleeping with Regina (Lana Parrilla.). Yea, she was not happy about that. And not just because she might feel some flirty feelings, either. She doesn’t like that they’re sneaking around and doing it while Henry’s in the house. When seeing Graham leaping from a roof there was a moment where I hoped that he was actually going to turn out to be Robin Hood. But it seems he truly might be the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham after all. And everyone seems to feel that he’s the character that dies in next week’s episode, which centers on his character. What we leaned is that he also does work at an animal shelter which could have a tie-in to the Robin Hood movie, at the very least.

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  • Has every weeks title card had something different in the forest? This week there was a dragon.
  • How many Lost references did you count in this episode? There was Charles Widemore aka Alan Dale!
  • We learned from Rumple that one thing magic cannot do is resurrect the dead.
  • Did no one ever notice the resemblance between Prince James and the Shepard?
  • King Midas and his daughter seemed to be extra friendly, if you catch my drift. Anyone else catch that?
  • King Midas’ daughter in the fairytale version of this story is named Marigold. He turns her into gold in the story, and in this episode he has turned his daughter into currency, just the same.
  • A fairy came to Midas and gave him the magic that everything he’d touch would turn to told. In Once Upon a Time, do you suppose it was Rumple who did that for Midas?
  • Who is Dr. Whale? (David Anders) Is that a Pinocchio reference? Or is the clue in that he is an evil Doctor?
  • Did David remember the windmill from his old house, or from his Sheparding days?
  • Speaking of his old cottage as a Shepard, that was such a lovely green area, and the cottage so sweet… sigh.

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