Looking for Once Upon a Time spoilers? Inside you’ll learn about upcoming featured characters (The Mirror!), the possibility of major deaths on the show, and other future storylines that will be explored (like Grumpy, the Sheriff’s identity and Henry’s Father.)

once upon a time

When Jane Espenson did a live chat with CliqueClack  during “The Still Small Voice” (an episode she wrote) she revealed several great Once Upon a Time Spoilers for the ABC series. We’ve combed through the extensive chat records to pinpoint what those spoilers are. Enjoy!

Once Upon a Time Spoilers

  • There will be no special Christmas episode of Once Upon a Time but there will be a Once Upon a Time Valentine’s Day episode. “We like old pagan-y holidays.” So look for other pagan holidays to be worked into the show.
  • Future Once Upon a Time characters will include Hansel and Gretel.
  • There will be a reveal of the Sheriff identity and it’ll be juicy. We’ll also learn about Billy the Mechanic.
  • We will learn how Snow White affected the Queen’s life more than we already know. “That’s not a mystery that we will hold for years.”

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More Once Upon a Time ABC Spoilers

  • “You know who’s getting a GREAT ep later? The Mirror.”
  • Grumpy the dwarf has a backstory we’ll learn about.
  • Emilie de Ravin will be Belle. She’ll interact with the Beast, Gaston and her Father, Maurice.
  • We’ll have a story about Aladdin.
  • Because Once Upon a Time is made with ABC/Disney there is permission to use Disney characters and names such as the dog being named Pongo.
  • Once Upon a Time Henry’s Father and his identity? We don’t know who Henry’s real father is yet, but we will definitely learn that.
  • “Major deaths? Well, we can’t kill a character in Fairy Tale Land if they are also in Storybrooke. Unless we get super tricky.”
  • “Has everyone in town made a deal with Rumple? I’d say no — the town is bigger than you think. But it’s an interesting question.”
  • Jane Espenson has also written season 1 episode 8, episode 12 and episode 15. She also might write one more for this season.

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(All quoted material is by Jane Espenson.)