Take a look at how gorgeous Emilie de Ravin looks at Belle.

emilie de ravin belleOnce Upon a Time (ABC) has cast Emilie de Ravin to be their Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.

“Emilie projects a very natural strength and warmth, which are characteristics we wanted to explore with Belle,” Adam Horowitz told TV Guide. Horowitz and Edward Kitsis are the creators of the series. Emilie de Ravin has previously worked with them both when she starred as Claire Littleton on “Lost”.

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But don’t worry, the familiar blonde has gone brunette to play Belle. (I know you were all worried!) She’s even wearing a familiar-looking yellow/gold dress. And do you spy Rumpelstiltskin behind her? Wonder if she made a deal with him?

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Belle will appear in a February 12 2012 Once Upon a Time episode (“Skin Deep”), making it the Valentine’s Day episode. (Jane Espenson confirmed it will be a Valentine’s Day themed episode.) But don’t expect the story to be exactly as you remember it. Kitsis teased that they’ll have a “fun spin on it.” Expect to see the Beast, Belle’s father Maurice and would-be-beau Gaston.

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